Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year Guys!

Thanks for the support and visit for the good year of 2010!!!

May hasbro blessed us with more toys to collect!

May the force be with you all for the coming year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Arrivals

For Singapore, have new figures at Toy Crazi & Toy Realm, check them out tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ARC troopers, know as Advance Recon Commander are highly skilled clone troopers who take on the toughest challenges face by the Republic Army.

I first saw this awesome troopers in the first Cartoon Network "Clone Wars" Bridging Story and immediately fell in love with them.....

Now years after the CN bridging story the clone wars goes into a whole new level, with the animated series. And in Session 3 the we finally get to see Animated version of ARC trooper in their phase 2 armor, featuring Commander Colt and two more ARC Troopers

And as all things SW/CW, the merchandise follows with the release of ARC trooper Pack, shown below:

The Battle Pack featured 4 Republic ARC troopers which are:
1) Arc Trooper Commander (Red - which resemble Fordo)
2) Captain Rex ( Repack)
3) 2XArctroopers (Red Silver one, resembles Commander Colt, minus the custom paint job on the helmet)

Let's have look at this Republic Heroes:

Captain Rex
nothing has change much on this figure (as it is a repack), with a overall clean body and a new paint scheme)

Arc Trooper (Red & Silver)
This is an all new figure which features a:
1) Helmet - Rotating Aiming device
2) Helmet Sculpt
2) Pauldron design
3) Kama design
4) Survival Backpack - which is similar Sand troopers
5) Lower leg piece

ARC Trooper (Blue)

ARC Trooper Commander
Faces even the most threatening situation with unfailing courage

which version do you like?

New Weapons to highlight, in this BP:

ARC troopers are always firm favorite among the trooper collecting community, the figure offer something special being branded the Elite of the Republic Army.

Wasn't too huge of a fan, when i first saw this BP online.
As usual, once i got my hands on them and started unpacking and taking photograph of each of the figures.

It suddenly stuck me that..."Dam" this are really awesome figures especially the phase 2 armor ARC troopers and they really look their best when next to other clone troopers.

The only spoiler to the pack i feel was Captain Rex, which could have been replace with another ARC trooper with a different paint scheme, but instead we have him....

All i can say its "THUMBS UP" for this battle pack! (minus the Captain Rex)

You guys would have probably gotten your this BP by this time, so i leave you with the many poses and scenes i have tried with this great figure:

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

Check you weapons and we leave in 5

Its just you and me....

What? you would have done the same?

Commander, i think i broke the droid....

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