Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Zombie Wars!

Here are some pictures sent in by NG, Enjoy:

HAPPY Halloween Guys!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Starwars I Like Outpost in SG!

Beside heading down to china town over the weekends, i also made a pit stop at IKEA for the second time with my room mates to get a few more stuff!

As i am waiting to get my collection started here, i decided to prepare some sleeves in my new room for my newly acquired figures in Singapore.

Whereby i got some great bookcase at very low prices, as seen below.

They each cost about SGD29.00 (model: Laiva Bookcase) and being IKEA they were fairly easy to put together!

But what's most important, i needed to start back my reviews!Which i got my new studio in-order.

I constantly have a fair bit of readers always writing in and asking how do i produce my picture, i will show you in my next few pictures:

1) The Base: i decide to get an VIKA CURRY TABLE table which cost a total of SGD 39.00 (SGD 19 table top and SGD 5 each for the legs)

2) Spot Lamps: Tertial & Work SGD 14.90 each! Its freaking cheap! and SUPER flexible.

3) The Bulb: i am using a 14w Philips Cool Day Light Bulb, which carries a white and blue coloring.
Nearly There... Here's one which was installed!

I Personally feel that one is not enough,i think the best is get 3 lamps which really offers great light coverage.

Its Completed! here's how the studio looks after its completed, you could add a background to have the focus more on the object.

Unfortunately i didn't bring any SW figures with me, so i had to use the Cobra Trooper for the Object.

Here are some sample pictures:

Picture 1: Slightly dimmer take (both light are position above the subject) and camera focus is on the weapon:

Picture 2: One lamp face the figure and another directly above it. i didn't set the camera correctly so the blue color has a higher output.

Well that's that,and i hope this helps!

i have made some a arrange for new arrival to reach me here in Singapore, so hopefully we would be seeing a few new characters.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey Guys!

Its my Second week in Singapore! and there are still so much that i haven seen...

It was Sunday, so i decided to head down to China Town, to do some Shopping at the Famous CHINA SQUARE CENTRAL, whereby on Sunday they have a lot of part time toy vendors which open their stores at the flea market and the 1st & 2nd floor are filled with Toyshops,SWEET!

Here the picture of the Complex:

Here a look at the second floor of the complex and as you can see vendors stores below, which all sell toys!!!

i actually secretly snap this pictures, as Store Keepers in Singapore do not like people to take pictures of their stores as they find it very rude...

Even if i ask, they still refuse... however i still went ahead and snap this picture, as i had to show you guys:

There is no doubt that there were many stores, however in-terms of Starwars content the selection wasn't great, there just weren't that many special figures (Latest Figure) that i Hope for...that's just what i think.

There was actually a lot of 12inch figures (slide show & medicom) and transformers if your into those toys.

At the end of the tour/trip, i ended up buying a few 25th anniversary Cobra Troopers and i even scored a HISS TANK, as shown below>

After that i decided to drop by a TRU store at Orchard and the selection there wasn't any better, as seen below:
China Square Central is still a place that is worth the visit, never have i seen so many toy stores & part time flea market vendors, group in one area.And they really have alot of toys that would make you go, "Eh...I used to have that as a kid"

Sorry i couldn't show you more pictures.... will try to befriend a few shops there to try to get them, to let me snap a few more pictures of their shops!

Till Next Time! Keep Collecting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's New: Imeprial Starfighters

Here's some pictures of revised Imperials Starfighters (Tie-Interceptor & Tie-Advance), which are featured on

The Tie-Interceptor is TRU exclusive in the UK, hope we will be seeing it in our local Toystores.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's New: Battle Packs

Here are some of the latest Battle Packs for your viewing pleasure:

Legacy Collection:


Clone has soft cloth Kama with working holster (left) with removable helmet.

Gelagrub has a soft rubbery texture.




Has Firing Force Blast, under sleeves:


Quite Nicely Sculpted

Clone Wars


Pictures shows the old Clone Trooper Helmet, however BP does come with the revised helmet!

There you have it! the latest upcoming Battle Packs, so check out your local Toystores in the months to come or get them on: