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CW: Ambush at Abregado (BP)

The Clone Star ship are under siege, dozen of Republic Cruisers are caught in surprise attacks leaves no survives....

Rumors of a New Separatist weapon....

In the event of loosing too many Republic Cruisers, The Jedi Council sends Master Plo to investigate and to track down the mystery weapon.

When he discovered the Separatist Weapons in the Abregado system, his entire fleet was Crushed by this New Separatist Weapon....

and before his cruiser was destroy, he escapes in one of Escape Pod with Clone Trooper Boost, Sinker and commander Wolf...

Hunter were send to destroy the remaining survivors

Master Plo with Boost & Sinker, after they destroy The Hunter.

And here's look at the figures which are package into a Battle Pack called "Ambush at Abregado", BP comes with:

1) Plo Koon 2) Clone Trooper - Sinker 3) Clone Trooper - Boost 4) Rocket Droid.

i have yet to receive Battle Pack, but here a closer look at the Clone Trooper Sinker & Boost.

Points of interest:
1) New facial Sculpt for Sinker:

2) Accurate facial Scars on Boost (as seen in the movie):

3) Revised Helmet Sculpt,much closer helmet sculpt:


Over view of the Figure:

A Closer look at the Helmet Sculpt:

A Clone Trooper Sinker
He comes with a new facial Sculpt, really good to see more new faces in the series, Sinker looks like the oldest clone trooper i have ever seen,maybe cause of his grey hair. (could be one of the first batch of clone being produce, which has the cloning age accelerator problem?!?)

Mine has the Crazy Eyes....

A Clone Trooper Boost
He has the same head sculpt as Commander Gree, mainly cause of the same Mohawk they share, however Boots figure has some scars on his right cheek.

To Compare:
Here a comparison between the 08 Clone Trooper with Sinker & Boost 09 Figures:

Love the revised helmet sculpt & Paint Job on the 09

Both Still have sucky paint job on their shoulder pads:

MY Comments

A Must to get for me!

As the figures offer:
1) New Facial Sculpt on Sinker (just hope they revised the paint job on the eyes)
2) Revised paint Job on the helmets. (look really nice now)

As for my dislikes it would be that Plo Figures still remains the same and does not come with articulated legs, which most collectors are hoping for....if these bugs you!

You could always look to E-Bay seller like: to only get Sinker & Booster, but they come at a price.

Anyhow below are some random pictures to help you make up your mind on getting this figures, hope you enjoy the preview!

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

The Push in Space...

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  1. what a incredible design, and the remakes are more incredible, the new details are so impressive with all new features and attachments like light sabers and blaster guns.