Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's New: Toy R Us Visits

Wanted to keep myself updated with the newest Starwars line up which Toy R Us could offer, went to 3 different shop at in 3 different location to search for updates and new arrivals, however was left rather disappointed…as some shops had really outdated products, such as Wave One Clone Wars & Saga Legends figures…tsk tsk

Whiles here’s a look at the 3 Toy R Us shops which I visited:

Toy R Us at Bandar Utama (PJ)

This was one of the most updated stores, key highlights were:

1) Joker Squad - which i am still considering if its worth buying. This pack offers 5 stromtroopes (good for army building) and one of which is a girl BTW... priced at 198.00

2) Wave 4 Figures - loads of Saga legends Clone Troopers (blue, Red, Green & Yellow), no Arc however..

3) Unleash Packs - Palpatine & Vader packs, each comes with 2 Storm troopers. A Repackage Set - RM 89.90!!! (old Pack for 54.90)

4) Mighty Muggs - Wave 8 - have 2 royal guards left ! (get them quick)

Toy R Us (Express): New Tropicana City
This is a rather new Shop, as the shopping Mall is new, this picture below its kinda outdated, as i revisited the store on monday and found some new highlights:
1) Wave 4 Saga Legends - A few Clone troopers, what was interesting was there are a few Arc Troopers Yellow, however i was lucky enough to find one Red Color Trooper ! which i will be reviewing soon. Price 39.90

2) Lastest Battle Packs - worth getting is 2 more boxes of AT-TE Battle Packs

Toy R Us: KLCC

Dont even bother to go there seriously, just look at the image below...

My Take on the visits:

1) Toy R Us stocks are actually quite out dated, compare to the local toyshops, however i understand their situation as they buy in bulk and sell single figures, which leave them with a "unwanted figures", within the waves.

2) Prices are up again!! A single carded figure cost RM39.90 now, previously was RM 36.90 when the clone wars & saga legends first launch. Battle packs are priced at RM 104.90…

3) From the looks of it all latest releases can be found in the One Utama Store, which I guess generates the most sells for them and push the remaining unsellable products to KLCC & MID Valley.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custom Clone Wars Commander Bly

Custom Clone Wars Commander Bly

Here is a custom which jedi hunter 229 has made and its worth the mention! nice work man! Hope Hasbro produces this Figure:

New & Update's: Clone Wars 09

More Pre - Realease pictures of the new clone wars line up for these year you can find more at rebelscum:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CW: Clone Trooper Echo

Well here is my newest acquisition, was at KL Bukit Bintang on Saturday, therefore had to check out the toyshops there, as always will visit Fantasy Toys in Low Yatt Plaza on G, a really great place to pick up, lose figures for army building.

While browsing through their figures, found something rare which caught my eye, an “Echo” figure which is set to launch somewhere middle of this year, if you are a follower of the clone wars animated series, you would have seen this character, they were know as shines and are based on barren look outpost, during the movie Captain Rex leaves a figure prints on the chest of one of the troopers which name is called “Echo”, after Rex kills one of the local creatures. With that being said, this figure happens to be available in the store, however missing the blue figure print on the chest.

After having a closer look, I could only pick out one defect on the troopers, which their scopes where upside down, as this could easily be dismantle and be place back. One plus point worth to mention is that this figure comes with the New Clone Trooper Helmets, which is currently available for the 212th single charted clone trooper onwards.

Well for a price of RM 60.00 for 3 troopers, I would say a really good deal this is, plus a pre-release figure for that matter.

Plan on getting a few more, for some custom jobs, as they kinda look like scouts to me with their scopes, here are the details & pictures:

- Come with the new & more detail clone trooper helmet.

- for pre-release troopers and the price I paid, not really to comment above.

Price: RM 60 for 3 troopers (RM28 each)

Toy Shop: Fantasy Toys (Low Yatt KL)
Assortment: Clone Wars

Rating: 7/10

Re-fitted with Cody Head minus the scar

meet Clone Trooper Shrek

Whats New: Upcoming Wave Clone Wars

Here a look at the upcoming wave of action figures from Hasbro’s the Clone Wars line!

I would guess that the re-release Yoda would have more articulation, then Yoda in Wave One. Well as for me, I would probably be only getting the Commando Droid, as for the rest, they don’t really interest me.

CW12: Obi-Wan Kenobi
CW13: 4A-7
CW14: Yoda
CW15: Whorm Loathsome
CW16: Commando Droid

Images are reference from Rebelscum

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Room I Like: Updates

Finally! Had the time to put up my display, as this was just for testing i and decided to go with glass this time, as the lighting penetrates better and it looks great compare wood.

Not to say wood isn’t nice, but there is a lot of work involve, if u decide to paint it, therefore with glass its just plug in & display!

Here breakdowns of the cost spend (Cheap!):

1)4ft Glass Shelves: RM 10 a piece (3 pcs X RM10: RM 30)
2)6” Sande Glass Brackets: RM 2.40 a piece (6 pcs X RM 2.40: RM 14.40)
3)4ft Upright Bracket holder (with aluminum finish) : RM 5.20 a piece (2 pcs X RM 5.20: RM 10.40)

Total: RM 54.80

Please go to this Hardware Shop it’s really cheap: B.S Huat Ply Wood Trading (lot 2143, jln welfare, kampong Baru Sungai Buloh, sek u19, 47000 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: 61568713, 61569072. (look for IVY TAN)

The full picture of the display isn’t great, as the area where it was located wasn’t very bright; therefore the SLR Camera could not focus properly, however after having tried a few shots, I had an Idea of using an IKEA Spot light above the troopers which to my surprise produce quite good pictures.

Most of toys are still in their boxes.... really cant wait to get them on display...

It was a blast to finally get to open some of my extra troopers for display sleeves, keep visiting to see more updates on my collection and display of my new room!

*Please double click to see a larger image*

Really Like this version of Palpatine & shadow troopers

Obi-wan & his 212th Attack Battalion

Yoda & the Curuscant Guard

Anakin (Revege of the sith version) & his 501st Legion

AT-TE Attack Squad