Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DEWBACK with Imperial Sandtrooper 09

One of the Highly Anticipated highlights of 2009, The DEWBACK with Sandtrooper.

Which is a revision of the previous versions released, Great look figures i must say and its my first Dewback!

Some collectors have complain that this new version is not movie accurate, however it does follow the illustrated version very closely.

Enough from me and let's move on to the Highlights:

1) An All New Body & Color Sculpt for the Dewback:

Has smaller head sculpt but a more buffed/meatier body & comes with articulation!

2) Sandtrooper really rides Dewback ( so they say....)

3) Sandtrooper comes with Revised Helmet (which looks great!), RT-97c Blaster Riffle and Ball Hinged Hips:


To kick of this review, i firstly review the Sandtrooper, which btw is the best i have seen to date....

Full View Of Sandtrooper:

- White Pauldron indicates the Rank of Sargent.

To Compare: with the SL 10 Sand trooper. You can clearly see that the Dewback Sandtrooper has a much more movie accurate helmet. (the best i seen so far)

Close Up Of Sandtrooper Helmet:

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1x RT-97c Blaster Riffle - extra long galvenning barrel for a finer alignment of the energy beam projectile that increased firing range and comes with scope to improve accuracy.
2) 1x Vibro Lance
3) 1x Removable Backpack & Pauldron

THANK YOU HASBRO! for providing this Heavy Blaster Riffle!which is a movie accurate version btw:

This is the same blaster that is coming with the Slide Show 12 inch Sandtrooper, how awesome that we get to have it with the 3 & half inch figures.....i can't thank Hasbro enough......

Sandtrooper Without its Pauldorn:

Articulation Sandtrooper:

Are large four legged cold-blooded reptiles and are natives on the desert plant Tatooine.

According to the achieves they adapt well to the harsh desert weather and are easily domesticated.

Which makes them really useful rides/carries for natives or this case for the imperials to use as desert patrols.

Full View Of The Dewback:

Front Legs

Back Legs

A Closer Look at the Riding Gear:
On the back of the boxes it mentions that the riding gear is removable, however no matter how i look or pull at it, the riding gear just doesn't come off.....

However its is nicely sculpted,detailed and colored:

Articulation Of The Dewback:

A Closer Look

My Verdict:

All i can say that this was worth the wait....i wasn't too sure about getting this at first, however after seeing the pictures at SDCC 09, i told myself it was a must have!

Firstly the Sandtrooper, love what they have done with it. Looks great with the revised helmet sculpt, with a deeper trim of the edges of its eyes visor and a gap between the upper black line.

And to top things up Hasbro gave it the heavy blaster riffle (
RT-97c Blaster Riffle ) which is nicely detailed and movie accurate.

The Down side of the sandtrooper for me is the ball hinged hips that makes his legs stand apart...but its something i can live with.

love the looks of The Dewback....again nicely detailed sculpt of the reptile and its riding gear. Which i still cant find out how to remove the riding gear! (cause it says at the back of the box is removable)

Although the Sandtrooper is able to ride the Dewback, its really hard to place it in place and there a large gap from its seat to the trooper bottom. (as seen above)

I would like to end with saying BUY THIS YOU MUST!

Both the Sandtrooper & Dewback have more things to like about them, then to hate. which are good odds, truly is one of the best figures Hasbro could offer this year.

Sandtrooper: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

ToyShop: : E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (seller sells them carded or lose)

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More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

*illustrations with reference to wookieepdia"*

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  1. I have to say that the Sandtrooper action figure that comes with the DewBack is very accurate to the one in the Star Wars - A New Hope.

    I gotta go and get one to add to my collection as well.

  2. Really nice-looking creature and figure. I need one too :P

  3. Yeah, the Sandtrooper is SPOT on will probably get one more just for the trooper!

    Really hope that Hasbro provides a single carded version!

  4. Excellent review! Thanks for the great pix and commentary.

  5. Muy buenas imagenes, se espera con ancias

  6. The dewback looks great.

    I prefer the previous helmet sculpt, even if it's less accurate to the movie.

  7. The black strip on the helmet is supposed to sit on the lower edge of the dome (as a brow), instead it's painted (and possibly sculpted) too high, leaving a white ridge below it - which is inaccurate to the movies.

  8. no matter if you see this as something new the sandtroopers are old as the same warlike conflict, since the clonic wars the storm troopers have a uniform to snow, sand and rainy weather.

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  12. I tried to email you directly, but for some reason it says that the link to your email doesn't exist. Anyhow, I just wanted to know if you would let me use a few of your pictures for my Bogspot page as I do repaints of different Star Wars ships and creatures (or as I call them on my page "Customized Toys". I usually take pictures of before and after, I just didn't take any of the Patrol Dewback and you have some great shots. Let me know as I already put them up and if you say no I would take them down. Here is my page if you want to see:

  13. I noticed your comment on the removal of the riding gear on the Dewback, yes you can remove it as I had to for my "repaint job". Not only is the gear removable, but the arms and leges pop right off. Which is how I removed the gear and noticed it has 2 pegs on the bottom of the saddle that pop together. The head piece has these holes (one on each side of it's head that these long little pegs pop into.

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