Monday, June 29, 2009

CW: Commando Droid

"Those Clankers have tough armor!" -Commander Cody

Commando Droid are basically infiltration droids which more edgier to the standard B1 battle droids, tough they look slightly similar to their B1 droid counter parts, they are in fact much different inside out, for example:

1) Vocals: have much deeper voices, much similar to B2 Super Battle Droids
(also able to change vocal to copy other individuals voices)

2) Appearance: HUMANNOID body frame, which allows them to fit into Clone Troopers armors (As seen on episode 22: Hostage Crisis, they wore the armor of the Senate Guards.) and also thicker armor to withstand blaster fire; however one shoot to their heads will take them out for good. (Cody & Rex find a Commando Droid in a clone trooper armor)

3) Software: programmed with addition hand 2 hand Combat & infiltrations software.

4) Mobility: Have more agility and swiftness than other droids.

These droids made their first appearance in CW Episode 5 Rookies, which they infiltrated a listening post on the Rishi Moon and in CW 21: Liberty of Ryloth & CW 22: Hostage Crisis.

Not really a huge fans of droids, however is nearly impossible to pass on the droids from the CW Series Line.

Example the Super Battle Droid from the series looks much better the CW movie versions and now we have this new droid “Commando Droids”


  • 1X E-5 Droid Blaster
  • The Battle pack comes with an “Elite” Droid Commando equipped with a “Vibro sword”


A Closer look at the Joints:

1) Great articulation (however not as good as the super articulated: IG-86 Assassin Droid)

2) E-5 droid blaster able to attached to its back is really good & handy

1) Although Overall shape follows the CW Series very closely, the toy figure looks kind of thin and flimsy to me. 2) Coloring of the droid is a little light & glossy, compare to Series version whereby it’s very weathered & matt.

My Verdict

This is my Third droid which I am purchasing this year and I am rather please with it, despite my two dislike points above. (which are minor)

With its articulation, it is able to produce many poses; therefore making it good for display & photo taking.

Basically to me it’s the capability of the droid we see in the series that makes us excited to get it and plus the great articulation is really a saver for this figure.

Cause at one glance it isn't the most appealing figure.

Rating: 6/10

Price: RM 40

Toyshop: E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (E-bay is the only place to get pre-release figures)

E-Bay Seller Store:
*this came, with my Cad bane*


Got a Tri-lingual packaging the second time.

Overall Look:

A Closer look:

Main Body Frame

Articulation at its best

Ball-Hinged Hips

Back Of Head

How low can you GO?

Enjoy the Pictures:

Killer Moves:

Note: that no clones were killed in progress of this photograph shot. =P

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

CW: Cad Bane

According to Jedi Wiki Achieves Cad Bane was born a “Duros” Male on the Plant Duro. Which he then took up his role as a Bounty Hunter and a ruthless one at that!
Only has the bounty in mind during missions, Even kills his Hirer if his payment is late or his "co-workers" for a larger share....

As Jango the galaxy best fell in the start of the Clone Wars, Bane quickly rose to fame and is considered a veteran in his line of work.

Bane made his first appearance in the CW series (CW episode 22: Hostage Crisis), with his gang of bounty hunters and heads to the capital city of Corusant to capture the East Wing of the Senate Building in order to free Zitro The Hutt.

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According to Wiki, this is the concept drawing Cad Bane was base on (

Weapons & Accessories:
1)2X Blaster pistols (model with scope)
2)1X Sniper Riffle.
3)1X Removable Hat
4)2X Working Holsters

Blaster Pistols (Model with Scope)

Sniper Riffle

Removable Hat

Working Holsters:

Other detailing to take note :

Booster rockets on boot


Facial Sculpt:

1) Spot On detailing of face sculpt & clothes.

2) The HAT! As you can pose it however way you like it and it still stays in place.

1) Blaster pistols to flimsy, for my liking

2) Tube on his arm to elbow…each time you strike a pose by moving the arm & elbow the tube will bane it back in place, thus making posing rather frustrating…

3) Limited articulation in the torso & legs

My Verdict:
Wasn’t too keen on this figure from the start…however upon receiving this figure, I was like WOW!

The best Photo toy Subject I have ever taken….

Okay back to the figure, as I said great looking figure!

Spot with the detailing, really projects/portraits the bad ass “Bounty Hunter” Bane is in the CW series.

However the main downside of the figure is the limited articulation around the legs & hips and to make it worst they added tubes which are not flexible on his arms to his elbows, which makes it even harder to pose…

IF you can look pass the articulation issue, then Bane is really a figure worth getting and to collect. Maybe Hasbro will remake a more articulated figure, just like they did with Yoda.

Rating: 8/10

Price: RM 50

Toyshop: E-Bay:Unlimited8899 (E-bay is the only place to get pre-release figures)

E-Bay Seller Store:

Here are the pictures enjoy:

Over-all Look:




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