Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SSC Sargent Sandtrooper

Here's another 12" inch figure to marvel about, finally got myself a Sargent Sandtrooper. which have been a firm favorite in my collection of troopers, thus how could i resist not getting the 12"inch version.

Let's Start opening this awesome figure:

Packaging :

Because of its additional gear,the boxes is huge:

Overview of the Figure:

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X RT-97c Blaster Riffle
2) 1X Survival Pack
3) 1X Pauldron (ranked: Sargent)
4)1 X
BlashTech E-11 Blaster Pistol
5)2X removable hands

RT-97c Blaster Riffle:
xtra long galvenning barrel for a finer alignment of the energy beam projectile that increased firing range and comes with scope to improve accuracy.

BlashTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

Survival Pack

The survival pack is basically tied across the shoulder.

Pauldron (ranked: Sargent)

My Verdict.
The SSC Sandtrooper is simply awesome, it offers collectors an awesome paint scheme/conditioning that truly enhance the overall look of the figure.

This figure also offers the additional weapons & accessories, however the one thing which SSC really did a excellent job with the detailing is the RT-97c Blaster Riffl.

WOW just wow, is all this figure got me saying, its truly worth every penny i paid, if i could afford i probably buy a few more to form a squad.

I have nothing more to add, i will just let my pictures show you, how awesome this figure is......

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  1. Amazing statue... love all the details :)

  2. The paint job is great, and the rifle is amazing!

  3. I really like the Sandtrooper, paintjob is amazing.

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