Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CW: Captain Rex in Snow Gear

Rex, captain of the 501st legion.

A firm favorite among Starwars fans and collectors! Most expected toy figure in the 1st wave of the clone wars series.

And now we have the FAME captain in SNOW GEAR!

The gear was featured in the second session of the Clone Wars Series, where Anakin & Kenobi was send to the Orto Plutonia to investigate a sudden lose in communication with Republic base in the area.

I unfortunately have not seen this figure in stores, either in Malaysia nor Singapore. So i got one off Ebay:

Close Up of Helmet Sculpt:

new articulation to highlight:
1) Hinged neck
2) New hand mold

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X Removable Helmet
2) 1X Removable Backpack
3) 2X Removable Shoulder pad
4) 1X DC15 Blaster Rifle
5) 2X DC17 Blaster


When i first saw this figure in the series along with the other snowtroopers i was absolutely "SOLD" and thought to myself..."I MUST HAVE THEM".

However after seeing this figure now, i cant quite say the same.....

At a glance the overall figure looked fine, however you go into detail, the less i adored it...and my reasons are as follow:

-Bad Paint job with the overall blue color, the lines are totally off. i don't know what are they planing to achieve here, either having a "Battle Damage look" or to show that they just cant paint the figure right....

-cause of the new mold for the hands, it makes it very hard to grip the blaster.

(Kindly note that this comments are base on this Ebay Figure and does not apply to the actual figure release/sold by Hasbro)

Only because i am vivid collector of Troopers, i am getting this figure.

if i do see this figure in stores, i would probably purchase it to just to see the differences from my purchase on Ebay Vs the actual figure.

And if the quality is the same, i am truly speechless


Overall: 4/10 (minus point on the color)

ToyShop: : E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (seller sells them carded or lose)

E-Bay Seller Store:

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge

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  1. Funny that you said you couldn't find them in Malaysia as I've seen plenty of them in Toys R Us and Parkson Grand.

    Anyway I have one myself and my disappointment is the number articulation isn't the as the normal captain rex action figure. Overall an below average action figure in my opinion.

  2. Serious....i think i stucked in SINGAPORE too long the stock here low and collectors here order by waves...so hard to get my hands on new stuff..

  3. Yeah, I can attest that this is available in TRUs here in the Klang Valley. And comic packs feat. Darth Krayt, Exar Kun, Lumiya, Tholme, Qel Droma, Clones are also available in highly limited quantities.


  4. shitzz see this why i miss home.....

  5. Well, at least S'pore already has Jaina, Jacen, K'kruhk, Dark Trooper, TFU Shaak Ti, right? We're still waiting for 'em over here in Bolehland :(


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