Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CW11: Aurra Sing

Nashtah now know as the Notorious Bounty Hunter called Aurra Sing, was once a young female Jedi Padawan, however following a series of tragic misfortunes, she abandon the Jedi Order and turn into the vicious Bounty Hunter she is today.....

During the clone wars she became associated with Cad bane on Coruscant, which required her expertise in Sniping......

Finally we have Aurra Sing remodeled into this animated character, i personally got her to match Cad Bane on my display, so here's the notorious and vicious figure....


Figure Overview:

1) Ball Hinged Neck
2) Ball Hinged Torso
3) Ball Hinged Shoulder
4) Ball Hinged Elbows
5) Ball Hinged Wrist
6) Swivel Hips
7) Hinged knees
8) Swivel Ankles

Close Up of Facial Sculpt:
Those eyes are like daggers.....

The receiver like thing which is on the figure head, a little too thick. what does it function as anyway? does it like boost her Force Sensitiveness?

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 2X dual triggered blaster pistol
2) 1 X Sniper blaster
3) 1 X Base Stand
4) 1 X Playing dice and Profile Card

Addition Accessories on her back (not removable)


To start with....

Vicious is what is capture in this figure eyes, the overall head sculpt is great and to top it up they gave her an awesome eye paint job that makes this figure really intimidating to look at. (just look into her eyes if you dot believe me.)

The overall body sculpt is also good, detailing her long figures and slender body shape, which makes her distinctive and true to the actual character.

All in all, i think Hasbro has done a good job to this figure because:
- Detailed sculpting (overall)
- hands hold weapons well and etc....

The only complain i have for this figure is that the receiver like thing on her head, i personally think that its too thick and squarish.....

Do get her before she all sold out

Figure: 7/10
Packaging: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

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