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Senate Commando are the elite force that are attached to the Senate Guard, they serve as aggressive and highly trained police force that operates on Coruscant.

Only the best and the bravest are selected to become Senate Commando's, they are resolute to the cause of protecting the Galactic Senate at any cost.

Towards the end of the Clone War, Chancellor Palpatine, hand pick several Senate Commando to be his personal bodyguard and was given the name THE RED GUARD.

Finally i have several Senate Commando Captain! absolutely love them from the first time i saw them in the CW 22 - Hostage Crisis.

Here's a preview of this upcoming figure in the CW series:

Figure Overview

Helmet Sculpt

This figure offers a standard trooper articulation.
Point of Interest:
- Fully covered Helmet compare to Captain Argyus

- Detailed paint marks, across armor.

Argyus was great, however this Senate Commando are AWESOME!

It's the evolution of the Roman Guard, the design of the character are well sculpted into this figure. The additional paint detailing on the figure, really enhance the overall look of the figure, but may cause a problem when choosing them, so be very careful of the Paint job on each figure.

I have yet to receive the normal senate guard, but cant wait to get them all together.

Figure: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

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Really Awesome Figure to add to the collection and finally
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  1. how much is one figure would be interested in stormtroopers one.

  2. you can get them directly from me if you in Malaysia or Singapore for SGD 18 each.