Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Blog: TOY TOY

To separate my sales with this blogs reviews, i have open a new blogs, that would featured 3incg figures,sideshow and Hot toys.



  1. I like the images, want the toys real bad. Another mortgage it is.

  2. I have been keeping all of my old Star Wars figures for my kid when he gets older. Not to play with of course, just to appreciate when he is older. He already has all of the new Star Wars toys, he doesn't need to play with mine. :)

  3. Like the reviews on toys. [I'm still 13.]
    Reviews help me determine whether or not it's worth my money to buy the figures.

    [Such as tactical droid, 8 or 10 on review.]

  4. Interesting photos!.. I love collecting Toys!.. Nice reviews.. This is really a great help!.. Thanks for this blog!.. Continue sharing some information and posting!..