Sunday, March 7, 2010


Anakin and more of Anakin we are getting!

Here a new version of the epic Hero/Darklord in his "COLD WEATHER GEAR"(CW), as he travels to the Planet Orto Plutonia, to investigate a mysterious disappearances at the plant Republic outpost.

and now to the figure:

Again i cant understand why, do they stick the price tag, right to the illustrated image of the Toy they are trying to sell....

Close Up:
With his arctic goggles on:

Overview Of The Figure:


Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1X light saber
2) 1X arctic hood
3) 1X arctic goggles (removable)

My Verdict
With the many different version of Anakin Skywalker out there, be it from the movies or the animated clone wars series, Hasbro would make him! Cause they simply think we cant get enough of him...

To me this figure was essential, cause when Hasbro do come out with its CW version of snowtroopers, this Anakin would make a nice fit to the squad. (btw Captain Rex figure in Arctic gear is images have been release (

Its actually not a bad figure to get, after looking at it a few times, it does grown on you. or just get it for the squad ! =P



Price: SGD 18.90 (with 20% festive session discount)

ToyShop: : Istan Marine Parade (Singapore)

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

turn the hood around and it does look like a mask.

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