Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magna Guard (revised)

If you love the lasted Magna Guard release in CW series, you going like this revised version, that offers:
1) New Head sculpt
2) Weathered Cape
3) New Paint Job
4) ARTICULATION in the lower body:

Noted that the figure in this review is missing the chest & backbone cover*

Overview of Figure (with cape):

Overview of Figure (without cape):

Head Sculpt (close up):



All i can say its "Clap,Clap, we have a winner!"

My new favorite figure, in the upcoming CW wave.

The Cape gives the figure attitude and the articulation on the lower body gives the figure its character, as the revised offers more posses.

The only minus points for me on this figure is the color scheme, i actually really like the paint job on the last version.

Can't wait for the carded version to be release..

View my review on the first version:


Figure: 8/10 (minus point on color)

Random Pictures: - Click to Enlarge -


  1. Fantastic sculpt, I have the last one but I really looking forward for this one, looks perfect.

  2. Yeah agreed! great looking figure!!

  3. This latest version of the Magna guard looks the real deal...Hasbro has out-done itself once again. I liked the previous version especially the colour scheme but didn't really like the articulation. Just wished the battle droid and super battle droid has the same kind of articulation as this one...

  4. Nice review. Might pick it up if I come across though I haven't bought any SW figures lately.