Monday, November 8, 2010

CW 24 Jungle CAMO ARF Trooper

ADVANCE RECON FORCE are the forefront of the Clone Army.

They are experts in reconnaissance and will adapt to their missions as they have been trained in stealth techniques to gather value information about the enemy and slip away without being detected.

In the Clone Wars Movie, we get this see this awesome Clone Troopers in jungle camouflage armor, were they are deployed to the Planet Teth to scout the location of Jabba Son.

With the many variation of Clone Troopers throughout the clone army,this was the one of the most awaited figure for me! i was so happy that when Hasbro announce the creation of this version of the ARF trooper.

The Package:

Figure Overview:

But you look like me...
i know this figure has been out for months and its only now that i am reviewing it...

It's cause it was super hard to get my hands on One!

Anyway, its really an awesome figure! and it was worth the wait, to finally get my hands on one. this figure offers a ball hinged hips, which makes the figure more adaptive when sitting on vehicles.

i think the CAMO paint job is great, but it isn't as great as the movie version shown below.

I think its because of a white base use on the trooper (cause Hasbro to lazy to do a repaint), instead of a light green base, which topped with the CAMO scheme would like great!

Having said that, i still would get this figure and maybe even buy them in bulk! for army building purpose.

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