Monday, November 22, 2010

CW: Mandalorian Speeder

For quick strike attacks, Mandalorian commandos rely on their repulsolift speeder to capture enemies during security checks or raids.

i manage to secure only one of this speeder, which disallow me to conduct a proper review of this vehicle, therefore i am only able to leave you with this pictures of the overall packaging and the speeder key functions.

overall visuals on the packaging looks stunning, especially the half shot of the Mandalorian Commando as show below:

Key highlights of the Speeder:
- Fold down cannon
- Fold out landing gear - which enables the speeder to stand on its own
- Extendable binders (there additional information below the box on how to retract and store extra string)

And package converts to a Diorama!

i think the manufacturers have a hard understanding of the meaning "Consistence is KEY", as the figure offered with the speeder, has a different shade of blue from the other Mandalorian Commandos, as shown above. (it does however match the color scheme of Pre Vizsla figure)

If the worth of getting this speeder is on your mind, i would say get it if you have Pre Vizla and the Mandalorian Commandos battle pack, then this speeder would complete your collection of this vicious splinter cell know by fans as the DEATH WATCH.


  1. You're right on about consistency, very contrasting colours. Personally, I'd say getting this would be better than the Mandalorian Commandos battle pack. Better to have it right than not, I think.

  2. Haha i say screw the BP too, get them loose! and get this speeder. the BARC speeder would be a better choice, just get replace kenobi and fill it up with CLONES!@

  3. Interesting. I thought about getting this, but decided on something else. [Tactical droid with armored scout tank.]

    I think it's pretty cool, going on $17.99 at []

  4. I bought this Mandalorian Speeder BP quite a while back from TRU. I got it because it looks great with my Pre Vizla action figure. The only problem I have with this BP is that it is freaking hard to get the action figure to sit properly on the speeder. It took me almost half an hour just to get the action figure to sit properly.

  5. TX-50, interesting your getting the armored scout tank, going to look great with the droid army.

    Khim Foh, almost half an hour to get it to sit on the small little speeder! that's bad man...if i were to review it i will cursing!

    but i really like the color scheme of this figure, i think the BP MW should have been in this color!

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  7. I haven't gotten the armored scout tank yet...Shipping takes FOREVER.

    I just randomly saw it on the internet and immediately liked it. My "avatar" is actually it. is the one I ordered for $17.99.

    I hope if you get one you do a review.
    [I trust your reviews, unlike other ones.]

  8. Haha Thats means much dude, till try to get my hands on one.

    if you do get yours first,then send me some pics man!

  9. I will. [The one I have hasn't even shipped yet.] Oh btw, all the ones I've seen are on pre-order. So expect a long wait.

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