Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's New: Nahdar Vebb

Here some picture of Nahdar Vebb from the clone war series, sent by my good friend Vaughn Tada from the states, which was kind enough to snap this pictures:

Would you guys get it?


  1. I may sound biased as I do not collect the CW era figures.....

    I'll definitely pass on this one! Wasn't this the dude who got killed bY Grievous or something? (excuse my ignorance)

  2. @ Rebel: Yeah, he was.

    For me, looks a tad bit plain, but I'd be interested to have this alien species wielding a lightsaber. Whether I'd buy it, how's it articulation? If the original CW Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are anything to go by, I'd say no.

    Question: How do you remove the box like that?!?! I wanna know!! It still looks so neat!

  3. I'm definitely getting it, but he's a mail-away exclusive here in the states so obtaining him is no casual matter.

  4. hmm yap this jedi got killed by Grievous...cause of his ignorance!

    as for articulation VADA has to comment on this...however looking at the pictures his leg does look articulated....