Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CW 22: Magna Guard (opened)

Magna Guards the personal bodyguards of General Grievous, which are also personally trained by him.

This not a new figure, this came out a couple a months back. however its extremely hard find, as a lot of other collectors are looking for this in Malaysia.

However Thanks to NG good hunting tactics, he manage to score two of this awesome droids for me! so Thank You!

Check out my review on this figure in June: http://starwarsilike.blogspot.com/2009/06/cw-magna-guards.html

Now here's some picture's of the figure up close, enjoy: - Click To Enlarge -


Love the illustration


Great figure, however lacks the articulation in the legs.

Weapons & Accessories:
- 1 x Vibrolance
- 1 X Missile Launcher

Overall View Of The Figure:

Some Close Up Shots Of The Figure:
- Center hydraulics are nice protected by the front & back metal panels.
- The Back Panel are simply BEAUTIFUL just look at the design & detailing!

My Verdict:
Truly Truly a GREAT Figure to pick up, comes with a beautiful design & awesome paint job! and great finishing! Good Job Hasbro!

There will be a second Magna Guard which will be release in the upcoming CW line, its comes with a cape and hopefully articulated legs.

If you are considering picking up your first Droid i suggest you get this! if your not, then just get it anyway, you won't regret it!


Figure: 8/10 (minus point on articulation)

Packaging : 7/10

Overall: 9/10

Random Pictures: - Click to Enlarge -

General Grievous watching over the Magna training:

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