Monday, April 26, 2010

Juno Eclipse (TFU - Figure Pack)

Given the tittle of Captain, Juno Eclipse is a female Imperial pilot during the "Great Jedi Purge", She was tasked with piloting the "Rogue Shadow", a starship that transported Galen Marek (Darth Vader Secret Apprentice), to on his mission to hunt down the remain Jedi's.

After being cheated by the Dark Lord, Both Marek & Juno were branded traitor and sentence death, however Marek freed Juno and destroyed the entire Star Destroyer into the sun....

During their Adventure they both fell in love, however Marek seemingly died fighting the Emperor...

In the End, Juno was present at the birth of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and went on to become a pilot in the Rebel forces.

Now we finally have the figure of Juno Eclipse in the "Force Unleash Figure Pack"

Figure Overview:

Head Sculpt Close Up (with and without cap):

My Verdict
When playing the game Force Unleash, i personal thought that Juno character was a really nice mix to the storyline!

However, seeing the figure now....i am not really excited about it. just doesn't feel complete, it offers limited articulation and the facial sculpt doesn't seem right.

Having said that, i personally wouldn't get it if it was a single carded, however being part of a figure pack..i just might just feel complete with the rest of the figures that comes with it


Figure: 4/10

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