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PROXY a "prototype holodroid" who served as a training battle droid and as a companion of Galen Marek.

The Rogue Shadow serve as their transport to different worlds, to carry out Lord Vader orders. however because of the primary directive provided by Lord Vader, Proxy will routinely try to kill Marek during his training, despite their long friendship.

Beside serving as training battle droid, Proxy had the capabilities advanced hologram technology, which enable him to change its appearance and adopt a wide range of disguise and when Galen wanted information on an individual, PROXY would turn into that person and access databases to confirm his/her identity.

And here we have finally: PROXY which is part of box set "2 of 2".

Overview of Figure:

Head Sculpt (close up):

Detailing (close up):


With the many different droids being made by Hasbro for the "Build a Droid" Series, they have somehow learn to master the detailing with these figures.

As the proxy figure offers collectors/buyers a very detailed figure and a excellent paint job to match it.

It is not without it's flaws.....

The figure lacks articulation, to me this is important, cause of the character of the figure, its a "training droid" for God Sake and a training droid to one of the most Bad A$$ apprentice of Lord Vader, yet it lacks the articulation to produce the poses require of it.... and it also has a small foot base which makes posing a problem....

Despite the issues with this figure, its still a stunning figure which can't be ignore and adds value to the Force Unreleased box set.


Figure: 9/10

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