Thursday, May 21, 2009

SL: ARC Trooper

ARC Troopers are the elite of the clone army; they are born and bred on their home planet of Kamino, under Jango Fatt and his mandalorian they receive special enhancement & training. With these enhance training & programming they are able to act independently, thus are send into dangerous mission.

The Meaning of ARC is Advance Recon Troopers, as for the ranking are:

1) Yellow – Commander
2) Red – Captain
3) Blue – Lieutenant
4) Green – Sergeant

Even by hearing the word ARC you would love them! You got to see them in action, catch the pervious 2 episode (the bridging story for ROTS) of Clone Wars by Cartoon network, this guys are simply AWESOME!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, was a little trigger happy with this guy.

-Great paint Job overall– Spot on. (the yellow paint chosen, really enhances the look on these trooper)
- Nice details on the gear, they even painted the scoop which is attached on the helmet
-The Westar-M15 blaster riffle is best, I have ever seen on any ARC trooper.

-Not really to complain on these troopers, but the Kama should be cloth.(then this trooper would be 10/10 for me)
Rating: 8/10

Weapons and Accessories:

• Westar-M15 blaster riffle

• Helmet

• Kama

• Shoulder Pauldron & Attached Gauntlet

Battle Gear:

• DC-15 Blaster

• DC-15 Blaster Rifle

• DC-17 Blaster

• Droid Blaster

• Blaster Rifle

• EMP Launcher

On the Back of the Box:
The Advanced Recon Commandos, commonly known as ARC Troopers, are elite members of the vast clone army. They are hand-trained by Jango Fett and have special programming that allows for independent thought. ARC Troopers are used for exceptionally dangerous missions that require flexible, independent thinking.

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