Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SL: Clone Trooper (Heavy Gunner)

“Through the opening of the wreckage, Captain Fordo spots the only remaining Jedi clinging on to his live, as General Grievous lashes out multiple light saber attack with his many cyborg arms.

Captain Fordo, shout out for his ARC Gunner to suppress Grievous, with multiple rounds for the clones Heavy Quad Cannon….”

I first saw this figure during the Clone Wars TV series (Volume 2) with Captain Fordo & his ARC troopers and immediately feel in love with them! Therefore I bought the Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack, but the clone heavy gunner in there, isn’t as nice as this one from the Saga Legends.

Was at the Flee Market at Amcorp and spotted one of the venders selling this figure at a very reasonable price of RM 40.00, I immediately took it. As currently I only have one and can’t bring myself to open it…therefore thank god I found this!

This SL figure has the head & body of the Arc Trooper from the comic pack, the only difference would be the Helmet & the shoulder pads. I Really like this figure, details and articulations are spot on, if you guys happen to still see this figures in the stores, just get it seriously, It wont disappoint you !

- Nicely detailing & good articulations
- Love the new shoulder pads
- Great looking Heavy Quad Gun

- if you put this figure on display, you got to put a base or use blue tag on the foot, as with the Heavy Quad Gun it cant really stand properly.

Weapons and Accessories:

•Removable Helmet

•Heavy Quad Cannon

•Cannon Power Pack

•Cannon Support Arms

•4 Cannon Blasters


Price: RM 40.00

Toyshop: Amcorp Mall Sunday Toy venders


Droid Factory Piece:
• R4-J1 Right Leg

On the back of the boxes:
When armed with a Cip-Quad, a clone trooper becomes a mobile piece of anti-personnel and anti-armor blaster artillery. Troopers wear special gear to operate this experimental weapon’s twin-barreled cannons that can take out AATs and tanks

The Helmet looks Great !

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