Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SW: Imperial Pilot Legacy Set (EVOLUTIONS)

These are the Aces of the skies and the legends of the Republic & Empire. Their flying skills are superb; however their loyalty and goals are questionable.

As the clones were once friends who turned foes during order 66 and according to achieves, Biggs is a defector from the Empire who joins the Rebellion.

But none the less, these are the Heroes that have evolved and forever be remembered in this Imperial Pilot Legacy set.

Clone Pilot: (The Clone Wars)
Weapons and Accessories:
- DC-15 Blaster
- Removable Helmet & Life Support Pack

Love the paint job.

Clone all look the same eh?
Will This Clone Pilot is a repaint of the figure from 05’ROTS “Clone trooper to Stromtrooper Evolutions”, however this one is painted with the “Razor Squadron” Color Scheme.

Clone Pilot: (Revenge of the Sith)
Weapons and Accessories:
- DC-15 Blaster
- Removable Helmet
- Removable Life Support Pack

Nothing really.

This figure is really badly done, in-terms of detailing & painting.

Biggs Darklighter - TIE Fighter Pilot: (Star Wars: Empire)

Weapons and Accessories:
- SE-14r Light Repeating Blaster
- Removable Open-Face Helmet
- Removable Life Support Pack

This figure uses the legs of the 04’Saga “Tie Fighter Pilot” and comes with a whole new upper body.
His Open face Helmet depicts his character from the Comics!

Very detailed figure, one of the best (for imperial pilots)
Love the Blaster Holster

Open Face Helmet – should at least have a visor in the front.


My Comments:
- Clone Pilot & Biggs are great looking figures, nicely detailed!
- The Clone Pilot (ROTS) is the worst, amount the three, but if you are going to place him within a plane then, it’s all good!
- Biggs open helmet should have a visor, although his helmet follows the comics.
Rating: 7/10
Price: RM99.90
Toyshop: Parkson (1 Utama)

Back of the box:
The legacy of the Imperial pilots twists and turns from its mysterious origins to grim reality and regained nobility. They are the best of the best; their skills are never less than superb, but their goals for which they fight are not always clear...or right. Clone pilots are heroes when they aid the Jedi during the Clone Wars, but these same clone pilots change from friends to foes after Order 66. Later, Biggs Darklighter aspires to be an Imperial pilot but gives up this dream for a greater one: freedom for the galaxy.

Biggs Darklighter - Tie Fighter Pilot

Blaster Holster

Clone Pilot: (The Clone Wars)

Clone Pilot: (ROTS)

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