Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vehicle: AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer)

“Jedi General Kenobi & his 212th battalion were holding their defenses, as the droid army push forward onto their position. Kenobi shouted for his battalion to fall back as they were out number & out gunned.

These were unfavorable odds; Kenobi thought to himself and wondered how long they could hold their defenses against the approaching droid army.

Suddenly a large explosion erupted in the middle of the advancing droid army! And as Kenobi glances back to see, The AT- TE’s blasting out large rounds from their heavy cannons and their back hatched opens with Cody barking out orders to ready his clones for sudden deployment…”

The Star Wars Clone Wars AT-TE – All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, great name for a great vehicle.

This awesome vehicle features firing rockets, with heavy artillery, lights & sounds, automatic articulated legs and more. Believe it anot, this AT-TE boasts the capacity of carry up to 20 Clone Trooper and this set includes 1 Clone Trooper with a marking on his right shoulder pad.

However only after purchasing this vehicle I found out that it has faulty legs, therefore when I open and assembled it, I was hope that I was not one of them…but…see the pictures below..
I still can’t comprehend how large this vehicle is….this is by far the largest vehicle I have every purchase.

And now that you know about the faulty legs and if don’t not mind it, you should get this vehicle! It’s simply a great vehicle to have, no wonder it’s the most wanted toy for 2008

-Great sound effects.
-Love the automated opening back hatch
-Plenty of blaster holders
-Ramp with peg holds on it, whereby troopers can be placed

-The faulty legs are a huge disappointment.

Toy Shop: Graffiti toys

Price: RM 380 discounted (RM 450 for the normal retail price)

Rating: 9/10

Here a quick fix video, which posted previously:

Glad i waited for it, now i have AT-TE & The Squad together

MY AT-TE Story:

It was the Christmas of 2008, was in the Bukit Bintang area, last min shopping. Therefore had to drop by Berjaya Time Square to visit Graffiti toys and there it was! The AT-TE selling at a discounted price or RM 380.00 (retail at RM450.00), was really think hard on spending that kind of money….but in the end my friends persuade me into getting it, with their talk that it was the Christmas session and you should get something which you like a s Christmas present.

After all that considering I got it and was in title to enter “Time Square Christmas Lucky Draw” (as I spend more then RM300), so I cast my ballot and thought very little of it.

However after about 3 weeks someone called from the shopping mall, saying that I was short listed in the lucky draw!

Well to cut the story short, I won an electric keyboard by Yamaha (LOL, the disappointment at that time), which later I sold it to a friends mother for RM 400!!
Therefore my AT-TE was for free, plus I earn an extra RM 20 bucks! Well I could have been faith, that i would purchase this awesome figure…