Monday, November 16, 2009

AT-ST Sneak Peak

Finally got this over the weekend!

The review will be coming shortly.


  1. Looking forward to this review, with all the reports about the loose head and difficulty to pose in action.
    Hopefully all those were from a first batch and the freshly baked ones are tighter in those key joints.

  2. Whoever is in KL and wants this better rush to a Parkson, its in Parkson KLCC, and they're selling it RM 165!!

    And that's before considering the orange markings they've put on it which I think indicates a 10% discount.

    And yeah, looking forward to the review on this. hehe

  3. Graffiti Toys selling the AT-ST for RM169.99..which is also the same price for the TIE Fighter (with pilot.

    Too bad there isn't a CW Y-wing bomber yet though.

  4. What the heck? RM165 in Parkson KLCC for the AT-ST?? Thats cheap...I got robbed when I paid RM219 a month ago!

    Would they have the TIE Advanced on the cheap too I wonder?

  5. 165! i should have bought it back home man...dam