Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's New:TRU

Here's the latest Intel from Ng on the latest arrives at TRU in Malaysia:

Here are some of my reviews to help with your decisions:

Echo & Fives:

Clone Trooper with jet packs:

501st Trooper with BARC speeder:

Turbo Tank Support:


  1. Didn't see Rex and Five @ TRU KLCC, but there were about six different packs of Cody and Echo there. Price for that is okay I guess.

    Turbo Tank support group and the other similar packs (Freeco Speeder, Dooku & Speeder) have been around for about a month now I think.

  2. I still can't find CW Commander Gree, CW Commander Thire and Clone Trooper Denal =(

  3. One more thing to comment. With regards to the 501st Speeder bike, I think Hasbro should use the ARF Trooper articulation for 501st trooper speeder bike action figure.

  4. What about Legacy figures? Any sightings of the new ones? (aside frm the depleting Wave 8)

  5. Sorry to the open cold honesty here, but the blog is quite boring now.
    Hope you get settled soon at your new house and start to get serious pics up again.
    BTW, why you don't came clean and say you are the E-bay seller?
    I mean, the pics are the same for Luke's sake!
    we are not blind, ya know?
    I loved your long detailed reviews, that's all... don't get mad at me now.
    Take care!

  6. which toy'r'us branch did you go to because i from KL?