Friday, November 13, 2009


A Reader Wrote:

"Sorry to the open cold honesty here, but the blog is quite boring now. Hope you get settled soon at your new house and start to get serious pics up again. BTW, why you don't came clean and say you are the E-bay seller? I mean, the pics are the same for Luke's sake! we are not blind, ya know? I loved your long detailed reviews, that's all... don't get mad at me now. Take care! :) "

Hey Dude, Sorry to post up your comment, however this are very important points which i felt that i have to address, not only for you but for my other readers. But truly thanks for your, cold honesty!

Here are my replies and its not only to you, but to my daily reader, as i know they feel the same

Question 1: Sorry to the open cold honesty here, but the blog is quite boring now. Hope you get settled soon at your new house and start to get serious pics up again
Personally i too feel the way...however i have been really swamped with work here and the only thing i want to do when i come back from work.....its to go to bed....last week i worked through the weekends and didn't even sleep on Sunday as i was rushing for a meeting at 8.00am.

Plus in SG, the Starwars collection here is really dying.... finding SW toys are like finding pockets of resistance's.

The local collectors here love collecting vintage figures and nobody really buys them new SW figures. As most Toys shops i have been too, only want to sell Transformers,Slide Show Collectabile's, Hot Toys and Gundam.

And they dont like me taking picture of their shops, so i can't even do toyshop reviews! like i did back home.

Question 2: BTW, why you don't came clean and say you are the E-bay seller? I mean, the pics are the same for Luke's sake! we are not blind, ya know?
As for this statement... i would have to disagree.

i will say this once as i am really not EBAY SELLER and have no money in doing this blog, the only thing which i invest heavily here is my personal time. (with no returns, only the praises/comments i get in fan mail/forum replies & comments on this blog)

In my early days of starting this blog, i found it really hard to find sponsor's for SW toys and i had to go from Toyshop to Toyshop asking if they would/could sponsor my efforts in doing reviews. (even if i were to find a sponsor for my reviews it would be false, as i have to promote their shop.

After having no result, i decided to purchase them myself and taking the toys i have bought as adding them into my own personal collection.

However one day, i found an e-bay seller asking me something about one of my reviews, which i help to answer some questions. which then led me to check out his e-bay page and i was shocked!! as he had collections of the latest/newest SW figures!(plus he was in Malaysia)

So i then approach him, asking if he would be my sponsor and help to kick start my blog!

To keep it short....STARWARS I LIKE is what it is because of this kind sponsor which is asking nothing return! with his products my daily visit jump from 25 visit a day to 500++ visit's a day from 94 countries, i know as i have embedded Google maps into my blog, check out the map:


To Sum Things Up:

i really wish i was back home.....with all my SW collection,family,friends back there....

Some morning i feel if i would just open my eye's to see my malaysian room filled with my SW Collection, which does give me a great sense of happyniess each day coming back from a crapy day at the office.

However its really not the same here and be in Singapore the rooms are small as land is expansive here so i cant bring eveything over...and also because i wouldn't know when i will say F*&K this shit and pack my bags for home.

As for my review, whatever i have previously reviewed are only coming out now, as you can see from my last few post, so its kinda of a dry session now. Even most SW website/forum have no new announcement on new arrivals.

So for now please bear with me...Keep Collecting and the Force Be With You! and may the Emperor be with me..


  1. Nice one Dennis and keep up the good work of your blog. I enjoy reading it every time. I totally agree with you that it's not easy to update a blogsite as each of every one of us do have work and family commitments to fulfill. Heck in my own blogsite has been left idle because (1) no time to blog (work) and (2) nothing much to blog about.

    As the workload in SG...well just bear with it..remember "rewards comes to those who wait"

    Take care mate...

    BTW...u gotta download the CW Season 2 Episode 5 "Landing on Point Rain"'s freaking awesome!!!! ...u gotta check out for Commander Jett's clone amour - it's way cool. cool

  2. Hi Khim!

    Thanks for the comments & Kind words! Congrats on finally getting your ARC fighter! are you enjoying it? i still haven open mine the wings are really long.... send me some pics if you have!

    As for the CW Series, asked my friend to download! as downloading is illegal here...=(

    and will get them end of the month when i am back!

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Yeah I am enjoying every freaking moment of the ARC 170 fighter...grinning from ear to ear lah wei.... It's hugh lah this toy..bigger then my republic gunship!!!

    Will upload the pics to you soon bro..

    take care mate..

  4. Now I am thinking getting the CW Y-Wing bomber so that I can place my Clone Pilot Matchstick in collecting SW action figures and vehicles sure burns a big hole in one's pocket...hahahahaha

  5. Keep on the good work. I know it is very hard to work in a foreign country where all the friends and family are far away from u.

  6. I think you're doing a great job, and I look forward to whatever great reviews you'll bring, even if I have to wait a little while.

  7. Thanks Anonymou's! thanks for the kind words!

  8. Khim Foh,

    The CW Y- wing is really something which am looking forward to get, however they don't seem to sell it here.

    Do send me the pics, cant wait!