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The AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) also commonly know as the "Chicken Walker" because of its walking and shape of its tall legs.

For imperial standard, the AT-ST is considered a light weight/armored combat vehicle, which Imperial forces use for scouting/fast hit & run missions.

This small armored vehicle fits two pilots comfortably and in-terms of weaponry its fitted with a frontal chin - mounted double blaster cannons, a grenade launcher (left/starboard) & light blaster cannon with sensors ( on its right).
With all this gear it still was taken down by little cute forest bears......

The illustration above does changed my perception of the usage of this imperial classic, as when i think of an AT-ST, i immediately picture it in an Endor forest environment.

And now Hasbro, offers its customers a more detailed & scaled AT-ST with an driver and a diorama.

Let's take a look if its worth our collecting time:

Packaging: Nicely package vehicle that offers a compact packaging and nice illustration on its side.


Out Of The Box (with background diorama)

The background/diorama is utterly a waste of time, as they have the plastic that holds the model in place stuck to the background and if you don't know how to remove it, you would just spoil it as shown below:

Here's a version with everything remove (you can still see the holes and marks on the diorama):

The AT-TE Driver
This figure is not new, however is a repaint of the figure from 2007's TAC Battle of Hoth - Ultimate Battle Pack.

Its a nicely sculpted figure, but minus points on articulation, as most of joints comes with swivel articulation.

Facial Close Up:

With Helmet
Without Helmet
Overview of the Figure:

Articulation: AT-ST
Comes with a totally new sculpt that features revised articulated legs & added exterior revisions.

Highlight's of the vehicle:

1) Articulated Legs, that allows the collector to pose it in different positions:

Hinged & swivel knee & ankle joints

2)Interchangeable double Chin Blasters, the thick one comes with firing projectiles:

3) Functioning compartments:

Flip down Command viewport

Ingress/Egress top hatch

4)Roof opens - to fit drivers. (easy access)

Overview of AT-ST

My Verdict.

To me the AT-ST doesn't seem much at first sight, however after the UN-boxing and having it on your sleeves for a few days, you would look at it and think dam it does look good!

However its not without its problems....

Its great that it came with articulated legs, however i found it really hard when trying to get it to strike a pose and when i finally found a pose that i like, balancing it was another issue.

Aside from that, i personally felt that it lack detailing on the whole vehicle... it was nice that Hasbro added some weathering on the vehicle which does help, but wasn't enough to make its buyer go WOW.

Overall its something which every SW collector should have and how many times does a classic get remake/revised.

Do at least get one! believe me you would love it!

Driver: 5/10 (lacks articulation)

Overall: 8/10

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

*illustrations with reference to wookieepdia"*

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  1. nice pic & review..keep it up for the next SW haul's !!

  2. The amount of details of the AT-ST is awesome...Just love the individual window view port and the detailed cockpit...overall an impressive toy vehicle....I gotta get one as well..

  3. Thanks Cowboy!

    Yeah the deatailing is quite amazing and i heard back home they are slashing the price at Metro to about RM150 a vehicle.

  4. I have got 3. But still feel greedy to get more... too beautiful even from my first sight...

  5. Albeit not movie accurate I guess it makes a fun toy for many.

    Cool review and great pics! Thanks!