Monday, November 30, 2009

What's New

Hi Guys!

Here's my latest acquisition, from the Legacy Collection:

Got this at Simply Toys, they seem to have the latest Shipment of SW figures in SG, but they do come at a price, i paid about SGD 23.90 each (retail: SGD 18.90).

Here's the list of their latest offerings:

Star Wars Basic Figures (Build-A-Droid) from $18.90/S$17 for members
- BD18 Ewoks BD/10
- BD29 R2-D2 BD/10
- BD30 Han Solo BD/10
- BD36 Boba Fett BD/10
- BD40 IG-88 BD/10
- BD41 Utai BD/10
- BD42 Jeremoch Colton BD/10
- BD43 Agen Kolar BD/10
- BD44 Clone Commander Cody BD/10
- BD45 Plo Koon BD/10
- BD46 Stormtrooper BD/10
- BD47 Commander Bacara BD/10

Beside that i got a new Camera!!! at a Electronic Fair.

It wasn't that cheap, but the accessories that came with it was GREAT! I actually wanted to get a Cannon 1000 D, but their offering wasn't that great, compared to Nikon.

So went ahead with this:

My Nikon 3000D came with:
1) 2X 8GB memory card
2) Card reader.
3) Extra Battery
4) Addition Flash
5) Tripod
6) Multi Coated UV HD Filter.
7) Camera cleaner
8) Screen protector
9) Dry Box
10) Nikon Camera bag

Total: SGD 900


  1. Is that Comm. Bacara the same as the one in the Battle of Mygeeto Battle Pack?
    With knee articulation?
    Looking forward to your review!

  2. I bought LC 2009 Commander Cody from an ebayer about 2 months back. Not bad this action figure compared to the previous release and the ball jointed hips does make a big difference. However his jetpack does fall off from time to time. But the level of detail is very good...just missing the weathering marks.

  3. Just got the Commander Cody 2009 a few days ago, looks pretty sweet with the damage across the chest plate. Haven't opened it yet, hehe. That and the ewoks too. Liking the Plo Koon with double lightsaber as well.