Thursday, March 12, 2009

Leg Problem With Your AT-TE?

Ah….. The AT-TE (All Terrain Technical Enforce), really one sweet piece of machinery, kudos to the designer!

remembered the first time i laid eyes on it at the Outpost , as I was attending the mid night sale of the release of the toys for “THE CLONE WARS” Animated movie, thought I would never buy it…as it was priced at RM 480….

However I was lucky enough last December 2008, as my friends shop in Berjaya (Graffiti Toys), was selling the At-TE at RM 380, I immediately got it from them…however not knowing that the legs & back hatch have problems… it was a great default by Hasbro!

Having said that, this problem does not apply to all.. Only The Unlucky Ones

I truly hope mine, does not have this problem… as I have not unboxed my AT-TE…. but here a really good video by ScourgeDestroya from You Tube, on how to fix the leg problem.

If still are considering getting the AT-TE, I heard that Graffiti Toys are still selling it, as they have some stock left and they are dropping the price even lower at about RM 320 – 340. You can try to contact Jee at 012-392 5533/03-2143 2293


Hope this helps:

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