Monday, October 26, 2009

Starwars I Like Outpost in SG!

Beside heading down to china town over the weekends, i also made a pit stop at IKEA for the second time with my room mates to get a few more stuff!

As i am waiting to get my collection started here, i decided to prepare some sleeves in my new room for my newly acquired figures in Singapore.

Whereby i got some great bookcase at very low prices, as seen below.

They each cost about SGD29.00 (model: Laiva Bookcase) and being IKEA they were fairly easy to put together!

But what's most important, i needed to start back my reviews!Which i got my new studio in-order.

I constantly have a fair bit of readers always writing in and asking how do i produce my picture, i will show you in my next few pictures:

1) The Base: i decide to get an VIKA CURRY TABLE table which cost a total of SGD 39.00 (SGD 19 table top and SGD 5 each for the legs)

2) Spot Lamps: Tertial & Work SGD 14.90 each! Its freaking cheap! and SUPER flexible.

3) The Bulb: i am using a 14w Philips Cool Day Light Bulb, which carries a white and blue coloring.
Nearly There... Here's one which was installed!

I Personally feel that one is not enough,i think the best is get 3 lamps which really offers great light coverage.

Its Completed! here's how the studio looks after its completed, you could add a background to have the focus more on the object.

Unfortunately i didn't bring any SW figures with me, so i had to use the Cobra Trooper for the Object.

Here are some sample pictures:

Picture 1: Slightly dimmer take (both light are position above the subject) and camera focus is on the weapon:

Picture 2: One lamp face the figure and another directly above it. i didn't set the camera correctly so the blue color has a higher output.

Well that's that,and i hope this helps!

i have made some a arrange for new arrival to reach me here in Singapore, so hopefully we would be seeing a few new characters.

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  1. Looking forward for new photos from your new studio. =)