Friday, October 9, 2009

In Singapore For Now.

Today is THAT DAY!

I will be officially leaving to Singapore today!

Packed only my cloths and rest to remain here...and would be hopping on a 4 hour bus journey to the Lion City!

As i will be moving to a new resident in Singapore, i would have to get internet connection & etc,therefore i would not be updating Starwars I Like so regularly as i do here and this Truly saddens me much ....

Plus i have to focus on my new job as i need to show result.

Anyway its rather slow in the new arrival department and i am truly hoping to get more new products/pre-release figures soon!

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For my Singaporean visitors to this Blog, do drop me a mail! So i can meet up with you Guys and hopefully you can show me where's what of best Toyshops that SG has to offer!

THANK YOU FOR THOSE LOYAL FOLLOWERS and Its Been Great and i truly enjoy providing you guys with the latest Figures reviews!

A Big Thanks to also the following sites that features my reviews:
1) Yakfaces (Jayson tweet/site updates)
2) Jedi News UK
3) Sandtroopers
4) Galatic Hunter
5) Galatic Binder (that added me to their directory)

Wish Me all The BEST!


  1. Hey Dennis,

    Wish you all the best in your new job in Singapore. I hope you do find the time to update this wonderful blogsite of yours.

    Take care mate

  2. LOL Thank u!

    I manage to find connection now, just need to get

    Thank u! means much that you constantly reply my postings

  3. Your welcome bro...

    My SDCC 09 Stormtrooper Commander action figure has arrived on Saturday!!! and from an ebayer from China !!! and got it within a week!!!! I will post my feedback on this action figure on my blog soon...

    Take care mate

  4. Good luck on your new endeavour Mr Sinnedster. I've enjoyed your SW coverage. Hopefully u'd get the time to continue soon!

    >>Make sure u stop by at The Falcon's Hangar in Far East Plaza in Scott's Road! Awesome SW goodness!

  5. LOL will be updating soon, heard got new stuff! must check the place out man ! so many temptation! and the Toys here really cheap!