Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CW: Magna Fighter

Magna Guards are the elite bodyguard to General Grievous, they are ruthless killers and absolutely obedient to the Cyborg General.

They are as equally deadly in the air, as they are on the land, thanks to their agile fighters that are highly responsive and well armed with missiles to repel Republic Forces.

The agile fighters are called Magna Guard Fighters! Check it out:


Nice artwork/illustration on front

Out of box

Weapons & Accessories:
1) 2X Missiles
2) 2X Thrusters
Close up Instruction Manual (very minimal assembly,no stickers)

Step 1: Attached Thrusters

Thruster are able to rotate 360
Step 2: Insert missiles into launchers (for both sides)


Highlights of the Fighter:
1) Cockpit Opens: Comfortable fits one figure (really nicely shaped and nice tinted cockpit glass too)

Nice Flight Control Panel
2) Storage Bay's on each side that fits Magna Guard Staff:

3) Retractable Landing Gear (on each side & one at the back):

Here's The Middle End retractable gear: (which the instruction does not mention)
My Verdict

Simple.....Its a beautiful Starfighter !

Has a great design & a really awesome metallic paint job!

The one part that i really love about this fighter is the cockpit, its simply great from inside out and the figure fits in well.

And its safe around children as its sharp points are all actually made out of soft rubber!

I highly recommend this starfighter, its really a sweet toy!

If your planing on getting this, do get the 09 packaging, as it comes with a background diorama!

Vehicle: 9/10
Accessories /Weapons/Function: 5/10
Packaging: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

ToyShop: : TRU

Price:RM 90.00

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  1. A very simple yet menacing star-fighter I must admit. Just love the cockpit. But I think Hasbro should start looking at bundling an action figure for every SW toy vehicle. This would make it worthwhile for collectors to buy them. I know I would.

  2. true dude, so true!

    Do you have the magna Guard also a very cool figure!