Monday, October 5, 2009

Session 2: Episode 1 & 2 (Holocron Heist/ Cargo of Doom)

Season 2, Episode 1; Season Premiere: Holocron Heist

Jedi trapped on Felucia! Clones are surrounded by droid forces. Jedi cruisers have managed to blow a hole in the droid defenses, and have sent gunships to the rescue.

Their only hope is to escape on Republic gunships waiting to land on the embattled surface.

Later, on Coruscant, within the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka is being debriefed by the Jedi Council of her actions on Felucia!

Ahsoka then admits her error,by her apparent successes to not see the battle as a whole....

Mace reliefs Ahsoka from battlefield duties and Yoda assigns her to guard duty at the Jedi Archives.
Somewhere on Coruscant.....

Bane receives a job from Darth Sidious to acquire a Jedi holocron for him, which can only be found in the Jedi Temple.

Bane noted that it would not be an easy job, but Darth Sidious ensures him the means to infiltrate the temple.

Bane accept the jobs and start making the necessary plans, picture below shows him placing a deternator into his own Techno Service Droid ( Todo 360), which will then help him in his infiltration.

Bane also seeks the help of changling, name Cato Parasitti.....

Which takes the form of Enisence the dead Jedi kight in Bane apartment...the changling will help as the insider in Jedi Council and assist Bane in the infiltration.

With the help of Darth Sidious, Bane infiltrates the Jedi Temple with ease and manage to steals the Jedi Holocron and escapes hidden beneth a Jedi Robe.

However. his associate did not share the same faith...

The changling was discovered by Asoka and stop as his took his final form of Jocasta Nu! (ends with Asoka saying "You may have ms Jocasta Body, but not her skills") so the old lady does know how to use a lightsaber,COOL!

After fleeing the scene of the crime, Bane hunted down and capturedMaster Bolla Ropal, who has a crystal which holds secrets (names of future young-ling's)of the Jedi Order.....

Season 2, Episode 2: Cargo of Doom

Anakin & Asoka races into cut off their escape and stop Bane from
delivering the stolen holocron.....

Another great space battle scene of the Resolute tearing through the Separatist Fleet!

Bolla Ropal is thrown into a restraining force field by super battle droids. A battle droid overseeing the interrogation shocks the HELL out of Bolla Ropel ( you really feel his pain, CW is surely darker! NICE),

In Bane fustration to get the Bolla Ropal
to co-ooperate with him, he then increase the Pain Plusers to the limit, which then kills accidently kills Bolla Ropal.....which Bane saw as a minor set back....

Bolla Ropal was even shocked by a Magna Guard to test if he really was dead...before being realease, you can even hear a loud bang as he was drop to the floor..ouchhh!

In the Hangers of the Resolute...

Anakin was plaining a boarding part, which Admiral Yularen was strongly against as the ship was not equip with the correct equipment for a boadring party!

Anakin later then figures out using the AT-ST as the means to hold his troopers and board the Seperatist Command Ship,cause of the AT-ST has magnatic cups on the base of their foot.

Rex then assembles two battlalion to the AT-ST, which in the series he refers to as ATAT300, interesting.

Another interesting fact in this scene is that Admiral Yularen refers to the clonetroopers as "Clones" not as troopers... kinda offensive, if you ask me.

Anakin, Asoka & Rex boards the Separatist ship... and storms the bridge.

Ahsoka finds the Bolla's body abandoned in a prison cell in the detention level ( if you look closely at the dead body of Bolla Ropal has its tongue sticking out)

Anakin orders some clones to return Ropal to the Resolute.

as a blast erupted on the ship, the lights went out and Rex orders his Troopers to switch to night mode...

When marching through the darkness, they spotted Bane running through the corridors and as they give pursuit...

Bane leads them back to the gunnery deck, where his droids stand ready and another AWESOME gunfight erupts, as Bane deactivates the artificial gravity

Bane then escapes with the holocron, which Asoka gives Chase...but was then out smart by Bane and used as a hostage against Anakin.

However with the control of the ship blast doors on Bane wrist gaunlet, he closes the blast doors to keep Anakin and his troopers at the Gunnery Deck...

Because of the strong bond between Master & Padawan...

Anakin senses his Padawan's danger through the Force and then rushes to free her from Bane.

However when he reaches there, Bane has Ahsoka trapped in an airlock, which he then's threatens to open if Anakin doesn't help to unlock the Holocron.....which Anakin have no choice but to help Bane....

Before Skywalker rushes to the rescue Ahsoka, he orders Rex to get to the hangar and secure a transport while he tracks down Ahsoka.

Once the transport was secured, he then ask Denal (he refers to him as captian, wierd?!?) and a trooper to look for Anakin & Ahsoka..

But in Denal search he discovers Bane, which was sad as Bane kills Denal's.... and takes his armor!

As the transport begins to lift off, Anakin spot Denal fighthing/shooting Bane in the upper deck, as Denal blasts Bane down, and body falls to the floor.

Which he thens leaps onto the transport, as it leaves the hanger bay....

Although Anakin saw Bane's die he still senses Bane presence in the Force...

Bane in Denal Armor slowly walking away....

1)Warthog - Plo koon clone pilot wingman, to protect the gunships

2) Turret aboard the Turbo Tank man by a Clone Gunner.

3) One of the rescue gunship has nice detailing on its side:

4) Another look at the Space Trooper which is attached to Plo Koon Battalion.

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  1. Just finished torrent downloads of episodes 1 and 2 of CW Season 2. Can't wait for following episodes.

    IMHO, Season 2 animation is much smoother and graphical engaging as compared to Season 1. Kudos to Dave Filoni and the team at Skywalker Ranch.

  2. Yeah so does many reviewers says!

    i love the first fight scene in EP 1, which kinda reminds me of ROTS opening scene.

    Too Bad Denal dies.... sobs

  3. These two episodes were really epic! What a great way to start the seasone eh.

  4. Bane's a real Bad A$$ can't wait for the mandalorians to show!

  5. Yeah, so far the first two episodes story line of Season 2 is much more intensive and engaging compared to Season 1. The characters have more depth. I just love when Admiral Yularen said "All of the jedi's assigned to me, why did I get Skywalker!!! " hahahah...I guess Admiral Yularen is finding it difficult to work with Anakin. Bane is such a bad ass bounty hunter.

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