Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's New: OCTUPTARRA Droid !

Thanks to our ever helpful Scout Trooper Ng! Which has just reported this in!

The highly awaited for Octuptarra Droid is in TRU' 1 Utama now! (Walmart Exclusive)

So for them droid collectors, go get them!

Here's a picture from VAUGHN (US)

Which was kind enough to send me this picture a few days back!

VAUGH quoted:

"I got these 2 CW Vehicles yesterday! The Octuptarra was a SHOCK because it's SO BIG when

you extend the legs all the way! I couldn't take a decent picture of the Octuptarra,

so I just made a quick size comparison for you to see. It was a Walmart Exclusive and more expensive ($35)"

Now i cant wait for the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid, which looks SWEET! cant wait for it to reach here!


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  2. dude should get this! looks great!

  3. Wow..for a toy this big and retailing at USD35 it's a steal!!!! Man those SW collectors in the US of A are so lucky and fortunate

  4. Hahaha, what a huge thing! Never thought it was so large, wonder what the diorama looks like full? Vaughn, got a photo? =b

  5. Sweet! Great addition to those who collects Clone War-era stuffs! I'm gonna pass on this one, saving me money for the upcoming AT-ST (gonna get it one way or another!).....but I'd love to see somebody do a full review on it! That thing IS huge for the 3.75" action figure environment!

  6. Yeah Rebel Same here, need to get my hands on the AT-ST really nice! if money allows, will also get the large wing TIE-FIGHTER....but toyworkers selling the AT_ST for RM 240 wei!!!!

    Full pictures of the Octuptarra Droid: