Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey Guys!

Its my Second week in Singapore! and there are still so much that i haven seen...

It was Sunday, so i decided to head down to China Town, to do some Shopping at the Famous CHINA SQUARE CENTRAL, whereby on Sunday they have a lot of part time toy vendors which open their stores at the flea market and the 1st & 2nd floor are filled with Toyshops,SWEET!

Here the picture of the Complex:

Here a look at the second floor of the complex and as you can see vendors stores below, which all sell toys!!!

i actually secretly snap this pictures, as Store Keepers in Singapore do not like people to take pictures of their stores as they find it very rude...

Even if i ask, they still refuse... however i still went ahead and snap this picture, as i had to show you guys:

There is no doubt that there were many stores, however in-terms of Starwars content the selection wasn't great, there just weren't that many special figures (Latest Figure) that i Hope for...that's just what i think.

There was actually a lot of 12inch figures (slide show & medicom) and transformers if your into those toys.

At the end of the tour/trip, i ended up buying a few 25th anniversary Cobra Troopers and i even scored a HISS TANK, as shown below>

After that i decided to drop by a TRU store at Orchard and the selection there wasn't any better, as seen below:
China Square Central is still a place that is worth the visit, never have i seen so many toy stores & part time flea market vendors, group in one area.And they really have alot of toys that would make you go, "Eh...I used to have that as a kid"

Sorry i couldn't show you more pictures.... will try to befriend a few shops there to try to get them, to let me snap a few more pictures of their shops!

Till Next Time! Keep Collecting!


  1. Hmmm....looks like TRU in Singapore doesn't have much varieties of SW toys.

  2. How much did u manage to get those Cobra troopers selling for? They look great! I never remembered seeing any in Malaysia....

  3. Khim Foh,
    The variants any much, i even went to the one in Vivo City which is suppose to be the biggest and its almost the same...

    The AT-ST is going more SGD 10 less if you get it at Metro.

    The Rebel,
    Hows things dude! the cobra trooper going for RM14-15 a figure sweet!

    Malaysia also has but very limited pieces...and they are going for RM60-80 a figure...