Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here's another scout report from Scout trooper Christon of new arrival & promotion at retail outlets in KLCC!

So check out what this trooper has to say.......

Toys R' Us KLCC Updates:

1. New! - Geonosis Arena Showdown packs (RM 69.90 each)
- All six packs available, collect all packs to create diorama of geonosis gladiator

2. New! - Remote Control aircraft (vehicle able to fly using attached helicopter type rings)
- Republic Gunship
- Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter

2. Octuptarra droid carried + other vehicles

3. Toys R' Us Member Specials:

- Lars Homestead @ RM 89.90 (Normal price = RM 189.90)
- Evolutions pack @ RM 49.90 (Normal price = RM 99.90)

Isetan KLCC Updates
1. Good stock of Legacy Collection (2009) and Clone Wars (2009)

2. Octuptarra droid carried + other vehicles

3. Good stock of transformers crossovers (Ashoka one looks really good, Darth Vader not
bad either)

4. Good stock of RC Droid

5. Good stock of Comic Packs (they have about 5-6 different types)

6. Good stock of Star Wars Mighty Muggs

Parkson KLCC
1. New Stock/re-stock!! They were putting in just when I got there! (Clone Wars series)

- 41st Clone Trooper
- Commander Gree
- Clone Trooper with space gear
- Kit Fisto
- ARF Trooper
- Rocket Battle Droid
- Java (comes with 2)
- Admiral Yularen
2. Special offer on battle packs (actually this has been on for long time already, even before raya)
- RM 79.90 for battle packs (Clone Wars & Legacy Series), usually at RM 99.90
- Bomarr Monastery Assault
- Hoth Recon Patrol
- Shield Generator Assault
3. Have about 4 sets of Joker Squad
4. Few basic figures of Legacy Collection 2008 available
5. Good stock of Galactic Heroes set
- Assault on the Death Star
- Snowspeeder Assault

Again can't thank Christon enough for sending in so many pictures & details of what's in at Retails stores in KLCC!

To know more about fellow Trooper Christon, check out his awesome blog at:

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  1. Man...the Imperial ARC-170 looks so bloody tempting to buy but I think I will buy it sometime in end of December this year as an Xmas present for myself hahahahaha.

  2. lol! wait for the price to drop! man

    I too bought the AT-TE for myself last year as my xmas present. =)

  3. Isetan @ KLCC had good selection of SW figures! I had the privilege of being there when Hasbro re-stocked the comic packs some weeks ago...

    I bought the ones that I was yearning for the most...heheh....just when I thought I'd never see a decent-ly priced Imperial Knights and Darth Talon-Cade Skywalker pack ever again! :)

    The new Geonosis Battle Arena packs looks cool too...tho I'm not sure whether I'd want to pick any of those up....the 2 new Jedi dudes looks tempting!