Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's New: Imeprial Starfighters

Here's some pictures of revised Imperials Starfighters (Tie-Interceptor & Tie-Advance), which are featured on

The Tie-Interceptor is TRU exclusive in the UK, hope we will be seeing it in our local Toystores.


  1. hmmm....the Tie Interceptor looks so ultra-cool...Now I am in a delimma...which one to buy..ARC 170 or the Tie Interceptor ????

  2. Gotta have that Interceptor!!!! long live the Empire!!! LOL

    >>>Khim Foh....if i were you, I'd put the Empire first before the Republic.... :p

  3. To The Rebel, got a point there mate...

    LONG LIVE THE GALATIC EMPIRE !!!..LOL..and oh..gotta quote a famous line..."You Rebel scum" hahahahaha

  4. I have to agree with Rebel The Tie/Interceptor/Bomber/Vader Star fighters are classic's! which are not to be miss!

    And since Hasbro has decided to remake and remould them to more accurate sizes, its a good enough reason for me to buy it!

    For the Emperor!

  5. TRU section of Parkson Grand in Alamanda Putrajaya has one box of TIE Advanced Starfighter for RM99. I wasn't surprised at the price but was surprised at how small the box was!!!.