Sunday, June 7, 2009

CW: Turbo Tank Support Squad

Engine rumbling loudly through the lash forest world of Kashyyyk home world of the Wookies, as the Clone Turbo Tank lurches through it.

Grenade launchers & leaser cannons are hurled towards the advancing droid army and mending these weapons is elite crew of the “Turbo Tank Support Squad”, which are bred and trained to do this. Combining both them & Turbo Tank, truly make this team an unstoppable force!

They pilot this larger amour vehicles plow through obstacles straight into the heart of the battle.

This again is another pre-release pack which I got off E-Bay; this pack comes with the 09 new packaging for the Clone Wars Line.

-New Clone helmets on a clean clone body
-Nice Markings on their shoulder pads.
-Missile launchers that come with a stand, which can be mounted on the Turbo Tank, extended platforms.

- Coloring of the weapons, DC-15 Blaster riffle & Missile comes in very light grey which gives the weapons an almost un-painted look.

Weapons and Accessories:
-2x DC-15 Blaster Riffles
-2X DC-15 Blaster
-2X Launchers

Toyshop: E-Bay
Price: NA

Rating: 7/10

Enjoy the Pictures!

Keep Collocting & May The Force Be With You !

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