Monday, July 13, 2009

CW: Clone Trooper & BARC Speeder Bike (un-boxed)

Well as promise once UN-Boxed BARC SPEEDER BIKE to show you the pictures, and here you will see some up close detailing and accessories.

From more Information, please read my earlier review on "first look" at this speeder boxed:

Here a Look Full view of the BARC Speeder Bike:

Frontal View

Rear/Back View

Pilot Seat
Weapons & Accessories

Full View Bottom

Rear Landing Gear (retractable)
Front Landing Gear (retractable)
Rear Twin Blaster Cannon's

My Comments:

- Great to finally see the BARC speeder!
- Retractable Landing Gear(give you options when posing/display)
- A Space in the front of the bike to place Blaster Riffle.

Please see the pictures below:

My Overall Verdict:

Over-all looks of the BARC Speeder Bike are great!

however looking close into detail, then there still some room for improvement from my dislike pictures above.

Still a good vehicle to pick up, unless you would wait for a revised version...if Hasbro produces it that is. (FYI: this Speeder Bike also comes with the Clone Turbo Tank)

Rating: 6/10

More Pictures:

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  1. dude use the ARF trooper to place on the speeder bike. of course it's not gonna work on a swivel hips figure

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