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CW: Fives & Echo

Hi Guys! here's a look at the Clone Trooper Fives & Echo from the CW Series!

This Troopers appeared in the series "Rookies" (Epi 5), Both were stationed at a remote listening post on the Rishi Moon.

This listening post was essential in warning the Clone's Plant Of Kamino of any attack!

In the series the listening post was attacked by Commando Droids, as the General Grievous was planing a surprise attack on Kamino that would cripple the Republic Army.

At the End the listening post was safe and the only remaining "Shines" from that outpost was Clone Trooper Fives & Echo which then was taken into the 501st Legion and serve under Captain Rex.

This figures are sold in "Clone Trooper Packs" and are paired in the following order:

1) Fives comes with Rex
2) Echo comes with Cody

Here's the images:

The Sucky part about this packs are that both Cody & Rex does not come with a revised Clone trooper helmet!

(Echo can also be found single carded)

For this review, i have decided to have Fives & Echo merge into one post!


His full name is CT-27-5555, The nick name "Fives" was given to him as part of his last 4 digits of his military number.

Points of Interest:

The Digit 5, which is tattoo on his right temple of his forehead:

*note that because of the digit 5 on his temple, i have decide to photograph him without his helmet*

Full View of Fives Front & Back:

Random Pictures:


Apparently he was given the nick name Echo, cause his echoed out orders very loudly.

Points of Interest:
1) Rishi Eel blood-stained hand print on his chest armor by Captain Rex, after shooting it in the eye! (talk about bull's eye)

2) Echo wore a binocular visor

Full View of Echo Front & Back:


The same articulation also applies to Echo

Weapons & Accessories:

- DC-15 Blaster


Fives & Echo is a must to add to the collection!

Fives nicely detail digit 5 that is Tattoo on his temple and Echo has the Hand Print of Rex on his chest armor, awesome.

You cant go wrong with these two figures and would make a fine addition to your display!


Overall: 9/10

Packaging: 7/10

Figure: 8/10

ToyShop: : E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (seller sells them carded or lose)

E-Bay Seller Store:

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

Captain Rex (that comes with Fives)

Slight Lighter color Blue than the first Rex in Wave 1 and has some damage, as seen below:

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  1. cool really helpful

  2. An interesting point about the Rex figure that comes with Fives, is that his hand is covered in Rishi Eel blood from when he gave Echo the hand-print. I am in the US and in these packages, the left hand of Rex is blue w/ Eel blood instead of the normal black colored glove. A small splatter of the Eel blood can be seen around his wrist.

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