Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CW: AT-TE Assault Squad

Laser shots pouring heavily from above, as Anakin & his troopers try to storm the B’omarr Monk Monastery from below…

Here a Battle Pack which offers a squad of AT-TE Troopers, the real highlight of the pack is the AT-TE Gunner, which is sold in this pack. Those who bought the AT-TE Walker would defiantly need to get this pack as you will need the gunner to man the Top Main Cannon of the Walker.

The usual battle pack for the CW line offers 5 figures each set (Obi- Wan 212th Attack Battalion & Yoda Curesant Guards), having said that this set only offers 4 troopers, it couldn’t hurt Hasbro to throw in Anakin..EH! Instead they offered Additional Blaster Pistols...Such a disappointment.

To my further disappointment the paint job on my AT-TE Gunner was kind of smudge off; basically the paint job was carp…Did really like the gunner head too (frontal view)

Source: Clone Wars
Price: 110.00 (FYI: USA a battle pack cost...$17+... if you compare dollar to dollar…)
Wave: Battle Pack
Assortment: Basic Figure

Gunner will make a nice addition to my AT-TE!
Shoulder Pad looks Great !

Something looks Weird about the Gunner Helmet (if compared to the movie)
Bad Paint Job

(Below Applies to all 4 Clones)
Ball Jointed neck
Ball Hinged Shoulder, elbows, wrist, torso, knees, ankles
Swivel hips

DC-15 Blaster
DC-15 Blaster Rifle
Missle Launcher

I got this for RM15 dollars cheaper, good for army building ! u can get this Plaza Low Yatt, 1st floor towards the end corner, at the cashier. (they got many other, check it out)

Clones feature below are from the lose pack above:

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  1. oye donde compraste es se pac de las 5 figuras de clone con las pistolos de la bolsa