Thursday, April 2, 2009

SW: MAY Battle Packs

A look at the latest Battle Packs which are set to be on Sale in May, They feature a Younger version of Jaaba during the clone wars & Ground Crew of Yavin which are preparing a direct assault on the Empire.

If there are no increase pricing, then the packs should cost RM110.00 per pack, miss those days when a BP cost below RM 100...

What are Battle Pack You Asked?
Featuring action figure recreations from your favorite scenes from the films and also offer a set of figures at a bundle price!

Jabba's Palace from The Clone Wars

Obi-Wan goes to Jabba’s Palace to finalize an important alliance for the Republic in return for rescuing the Hutt’s kidnapped son. Kenobi believes the negotiations have been successful, but Count Dooku secretly arrives later and convinces Jabba that the Jedi are not rescuing Rotta but, instead, have kidnapped and killed the boy. Betrayal and lies fly thick and fast as the courteous protocol droid TC-70 translates Jabba’s comments for the visitors.

The Hutt relishes this moment: the high-and-mighty Jedi have come to him for his permission to let Republic forces pass safely through systems he controls.

The Hutt speaks in his native language of Huttese, so the calm and professional protocol droid TC-70 translates for her master.

Save the galaxy, add to your collection, or do both with this exciting and intricately detailed Battle Packs set! Jabba the Hutt and TC-70 figures could be just the characters to keep the good guys from succeeding—but only you’ll decide if they will!

Scramble of Yavin from A New Hope

In their base on Yavin, the Rebel Alliance prepares to launch a direct assault upon the Empire. The busy ground crew checks the vehicles, makes repairs and adjustments, loads druids into the fighters’ sockets, and shuttles equipment and people to different destinations. The air crackles with tension and anticipation. The Rebels know how much is at stake for them and the galaxy, and they focus their efforts on being ready for the battle ahead.

An active base is always bustling with people, including the ground crew who perform various functions. Some drive transports that move personnel and equipment to different areas while others prepare the starfighters for battle.

The astromech droid belongs to “Red Leader” Garven Dreis. Many R5-series droids are used on starfighters for onboard navigation, diagnostics and repair.

Garven Dreis commands a Rebel fighter squadron during the Battle of Yavin. Capable and respected, Dreis is referred to as “Red Leader” by those under his command.

Save the galaxy, add to your collection, or do both with this exciting and intricately detailed Battle Packs set! Rebel Ground Crew and Red Leader figures need you to lead them to victory and with an R5-K6 figure and transport vehicle accessory along for the ride, you’ve got everything you need to win!

With Reference to Rebel Scum.

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