Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Room I Like: Updates

Finally! Had the time to put up my display, as this was just for testing i and decided to go with glass this time, as the lighting penetrates better and it looks great compare wood.

Not to say wood isn’t nice, but there is a lot of work involve, if u decide to paint it, therefore with glass its just plug in & display!

Here breakdowns of the cost spend (Cheap!):

1)4ft Glass Shelves: RM 10 a piece (3 pcs X RM10: RM 30)
2)6” Sande Glass Brackets: RM 2.40 a piece (6 pcs X RM 2.40: RM 14.40)
3)4ft Upright Bracket holder (with aluminum finish) : RM 5.20 a piece (2 pcs X RM 5.20: RM 10.40)

Total: RM 54.80

Please go to this Hardware Shop it’s really cheap: B.S Huat Ply Wood Trading (lot 2143, jln welfare, kampong Baru Sungai Buloh, sek u19, 47000 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: 61568713, 61569072. (look for IVY TAN)

The full picture of the display isn’t great, as the area where it was located wasn’t very bright; therefore the SLR Camera could not focus properly, however after having tried a few shots, I had an Idea of using an IKEA Spot light above the troopers which to my surprise produce quite good pictures.

Most of toys are still in their boxes.... really cant wait to get them on display...

It was a blast to finally get to open some of my extra troopers for display sleeves, keep visiting to see more updates on my collection and display of my new room!

*Please double click to see a larger image*

Really Like this version of Palpatine & shadow troopers

Obi-wan & his 212th Attack Battalion

Yoda & the Curuscant Guard

Anakin (Revege of the sith version) & his 501st Legion

AT-TE Attack Squad


  1. Wow very extensive collection you have there.

  2. I've been looking all over the internet for the assault squad battle pack for a couple weeks. do you know any websites that i could buy it off of?