Sunday, April 19, 2009

CW: Obi-Wan Kenobi & 212th Attack Battalion

“A Blast rips through the Separatist Blaster Doors, as a squad of orange mark clone rush in, to from a line blaster fire, to the approaching droids…”

The Elite Battalion easily distinguished by their orange marking on their amour, led by Obi Wan and Commander Cody, this battalion however has not made an experience on the Clone Wars Series.

If you have bought Cody, then you have to get this Battle Pack, or vise versa. As they simply look great together. Should have gotten more of this pack for army building….regretting as I can’t find any BP for sale now, moreover this were the days when Hasbro gives 5 figures per battle pack, as these days it seems to be getting lesser in a Battle Pack. Plus it would be nice if the Clone came as the design at back for the box, with the weathering.
Well Again here are the details and pictures enjoy!

-A nice color orange clones, as the 501st legions clones, but unlike the 501st Clones, the Hand amour pad is painted.
-Their legs are not as bend or twisted as the Coruscant BP
-When Moving the joints paint seems to falling off
-Again blasters twisted
-They didn’t give Obi Wan Clone Helmet.


Weapons and Accessories:

Obi Wan
· Light Saber
· Backpack with Missile

· 3 DC-15 Blasters
· DC-15 Blaster Rifle

Price: RM 99.00

Rating: 8/10

On the Back of the Boxes:

Obi-Wan Kenobi
As a Jedi General, Obi-Wan leads the 212th attack Battalion. Obi-Wan has come to rely on the 212th for their courage and skill through many difficult missions.

212th Attack Battlion
This elite Battalion is distinguished by their orange marking on their battle armor. Led by Obi-Wan, the 212th has taken part in many key battles during the clone wars.

Obi-Wan leads the elite 212th clone trooper attack battalion. The Jedi general has fought in many battles and spear-headed many critical operations during the Clone Wars, including breaching Nute Gunray's fortress to gather vital information about the mysterious Darth Sidious, and the grueling hunt for General Grievous, whose capture or demise would seriously undermine the Separatist's droid army.

Because of the tight wrapping, the legs are bend, nothing a lil hot bath cant fix!

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