Saturday, April 4, 2009

CW 22: Hostage Crisis

Hi Guys, sorry for the delay on the final session of Clone Wars Series, been really busy, well here it is:

The Series starts off, with Cad Bane and his gang of bounty hunters in the capital city of Corusant making their way to the Senate Building.

Nice Details on the commando driods !

They infiltrated East Wing of the Senate building and eliminate all the Senate Guards before locking down the entire building. Thus taking the occupants hostage and using them as a bargaining tool to free Zitro the Hutt from prison.
If you listen carefully to this part “Zitro Says “Ohh It’s so bright out here…then the Trooper say “Oh My God” LOL!

Caught in all in this was Anakin Skywalker, as he was in Padme Quarters… and it’s his up to him to free the Senators…..

Key Highlights
Cad Bane – New Bounty Hunter which appears in CW, as of Bounty Hunter his suppose to be a Bad Ass Sharp Shooter. He kind of reminds me of a grasshopper (lol)…but the guys in the forum adore him and the design.

Aurra Sing – For Fans who loves to collect bounty hunters figures, this is already an established character. Most Fans of her would be glad to see that they included her in the Clone wars line.

Senate Guards – Yet another look at them in the series, they look super good! Can’t wait for the Figure to be out! Their helmet looks very much to a ROMAN Guard helmet. Really adore them, defiantly a figure for army building!

Commander Fox & the Corusant Guards – They made their first appearance in the Clone Wars movie and here they are again.

My Take:

For me as a final episode it was kind of disappointing…as I thought they could do better, maybe because I am not a big fan of bounty hunters. Moreover it was not as action pack as I hope for in a session finale, as compared to the pervious Episode 21.

Sometime it makes me wonder, if Lucas films builds their story around the toy figures line up from Hasbro, as it sure feel that way too me, as some of the episode really has no relevance to the Story and usually a new charter would appear in them, example the episode which feature Rex & his troopers in snow gear.

Have said this, I guess there will be a Battle Pack or Single charted figures of Cad Bane on his gang of Bounty hunters and hope that Hasbro make them “Senate Guards” !

Stay Tune for the next Second Session, this Fall !

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