Thursday, April 2, 2009

CW: Clone Turbo Tank

Hi Guys,

If your wanted to see appeared in Revenge Of The Sith during the battle on Kashyyk. However this Turbo Tank feature here is during the clone wars era. The Turbo Tank looks impressive, with its many gadgets and compartments for troopers, blaster & etc. Enjoy the pictures with reference to Rebelscum.

If the AT-TE were to cost RM 450.00, I got a feeling that this would be around the price range of RM 500 -700. any higher then that…I am really going to consider getting it.

The Clone Turbo Tank includes:
1X Speeder Bike

Speeder Bike Come Out from under the Tank:

Here's a look at the long awaited for CLONE TURBO TANK, which

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