Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SW SL 32 : Spacetrooper

Was in the LION City (Singapore) for a meeting; however it was a rather quick trip, fly in – meeting – then fly back…there was no time for shopping….

However blessed by the force! My departure flight was delayed (oh yeah!), immediately hurried over to Singapore Airport Duty free shops for some shopping, plus my boss was looking for a shoe shop.

When I saw this shop, I thought I wouldn’t find anything, as they were selling soft toys and the TV was playing Barney…WTF… luckily the force was strong! Mustered my courage and walk in, to my surprise in a little corner of shop, I saw it!! Hasbro blue white single charted figures; the felling was like winning a jackpot.

Then had another problem…could decide what to get…choice were between the Royal Guard Might Muggs, Snow trooper (as the wave launch here didn’t have this figure) and the Space trooper from the latest collection of Saga Legends.

After much hovering, decided to get the Space trooper (least favorite of my choice), got because: firstly it was a trooper and secondly was worried I couldn’t get it in Malaysia.

On the back of the box:
Specialized Stromtrooper, dubbed “space troopers”, are deployed to zero –G environments, such as areas outside the Death Star’s artificially generated atmosphere. They wear specially design suits that have sealed armor and are equipped with a rebreather packs.


- Better facial feature.

- basic stromtrooper figure fitted with a hose to the helmet and a rebreather pack
- Really dislike the gun…looks retro…

Price: $ 16.73 (cheap dollar for dollar, after conversion it cost more cause of the current exchange rate of 2.4% RM 40.10*normal price RM 36.69*)

I Have to say for airport duty free shop, it has more stock then some of toy r us & toyshop in Malaysia...shy...

Shit..$16.73 cheap man for a figure, instead of paying RM 36.70 (dollar for dollar is cheap)

Standard trooper helmet just fitted with a hose...
Facial feature looks better then the 30 anniversary version

I really dont fancy the gun..looks old school....the gun on box looks so much better..again Hasbro "Consistence is KEY !"

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