Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CW: Clone Trooper Echo

Well here is my newest acquisition, was at KL Bukit Bintang on Saturday, therefore had to check out the toyshops there, as always will visit Fantasy Toys in Low Yatt Plaza on G, a really great place to pick up, lose figures for army building.

While browsing through their figures, found something rare which caught my eye, an “Echo” figure which is set to launch somewhere middle of this year, if you are a follower of the clone wars animated series, you would have seen this character, they were know as shines and are based on barren look outpost, during the movie Captain Rex leaves a figure prints on the chest of one of the troopers which name is called “Echo”, after Rex kills one of the local creatures. With that being said, this figure happens to be available in the store, however missing the blue figure print on the chest.

After having a closer look, I could only pick out one defect on the troopers, which their scopes where upside down, as this could easily be dismantle and be place back. One plus point worth to mention is that this figure comes with the New Clone Trooper Helmets, which is currently available for the 212th single charted clone trooper onwards.

Well for a price of RM 60.00 for 3 troopers, I would say a really good deal this is, plus a pre-release figure for that matter.

Plan on getting a few more, for some custom jobs, as they kinda look like scouts to me with their scopes, here are the details & pictures:

- Come with the new & more detail clone trooper helmet.

- for pre-release troopers and the price I paid, not really to comment above.

Price: RM 60 for 3 troopers (RM28 each)

Toy Shop: Fantasy Toys (Low Yatt KL)
Assortment: Clone Wars

Rating: 7/10

Re-fitted with Cody Head minus the scar

meet Clone Trooper Shrek

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