Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Comic Pack: Quinlan Vos & Commander Faie (Repulic)

Here a newly acquired Comic Pack, interesting pack which includes JEDI Quinlan Vos and Commander Faie. Both of them were sent to Kashyyyk home of the Wookies, to assist the assisting troopers to eliminate he remaining Droid Forces.

However all goes wrong after the elimination of the Droid, as the dark emperor executes order 66….

Ahhh...Frist Review of a Comic Pack i have:


Quinlan Vos

Ball - Jointed Neck

Ball Hinged
(No Articulation in the knees and ankles)

Commander Faie

Ball – jointed Neck (removal helmet)

Ball hinged


Source: Expanded Universe:Dark Horse Comics Star (Republic)

Price: RM59.90 for two figures & a comic! (also check out Comic pack:Dark Empire 2)

Weapons and Accessories:
· DC-15 Blaster
· DC-15 Blaster Rifle
· Removable Helmet
· Blaster Pistol
· Lightsaber
· Star Wars: Republic #82 reprint comic book


- Nice Chemo Details on Commander Faie Amour.
- The Detailing on Quinlan is spot on
- Beautiful art on the Magazine

*Basically nice details for both, FYI: This are the second version of each*

- Both figures can’t hold their weapons very well. Seems to happen a lot to SW or CW figures this days. (For me that is)
- Faie Visor on his Helmets seems a lil to big! Plus they should have given him helmet with the open able front visors.

Back of the Box
Quinlan Vos and Commander Faie are sent to Kashyyyk, the lush forest homeworld of the Wookiees, during the Clone Wars. The Jedi General and the clone commander have an uneasy relationship given their very different natures, and their ability to work together is made more precarious when the duplicitous Devaronian smuggler Vilmarh Grahrk appears and, predictably, stirs up plenty of trouble.

*Sorry Guys, if you notice "Starwarsilike.blogspot logo" highlighted an error will saving. to lazy to change it.

If not for the big visors, i would give this helmet a solid 8 rating.

Nice Working Hoister, to fit the Blaster Pistol.

Boss, if your looking at this post... with a wave of a hand "The background of the images, are not of our office" Lolz

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