Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CW: Yoda & Coruscant Guard (BP)

The elite Law enforces on Coruscant and protective escorts to important dignitaries & leader of the republic. They are commanded by Commander Fox. They were first seen in the movie the Clone Wars, as they save Padme from Zitro the Hutt, they made a second appearance in the Final session of the Clone Wars Series: Hostage Crisis.

So far from the for the Clone Wars Series, Hasbro has introduce 3 different troopers which protect/guard Coruscant and they are, The Senate Guards – which will be release this year, The Senate security – which cant be found in Malaysia…and last be not least the Coruscant Guard.

The First time I saw this Battle Pack, I wasn’t really fond of it, as I thought the clone troopers paint job, where kind off. But later on I got Commander Fox, which made me want the battle pack as I didn’t want Fox to stand alone on my sleeves… however the min I wanted to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere, after much searching I finally found them at Istan in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang and paid about RM 99.90 (you can really see the prices are going up, as the latest Battle Pack I got was RM110.00).


Corusant Guard:
- Like pattern on chest!
- The more you look at them the more I like them, especially when you out Fox together with them.

- The clone wars series figures must be growing on me, because I seem to be buying more Jedi and other characters.
- Nicely detailed Walking Stick.
- Great looking head, some reviews says that this CW Yoda heads looks like he just sat on his light saber! LOL


Corusant Guard:
- Helmets – Paint seems to be sinking into its visor
- Hasbro seems to be wrapping their toys very tightly, thus causing the blaster pistols handle to be all twisted and also causing the clone troopers legs to be all bend, which makes its very hard for them to stand.

- Half articulated
- Body seems a bit cheap…

Weapons and Accessories:
• Lightsaber
• Gimer Stick

• Force Blast Effect
• 3 DC-15 Blasters
• DC-15 Blaster Rifle
Price: RM99.00


Coruscant Guard

Ball Jointed Neck

Ball – Hinged



Ball Jointed Neck
*Only Left arm articulated*

Ball Jointed Neck

Ball Hinged

Elbow & Waist

On the Boxes:

Yoda: One of the greatest Jedi Masters in the history of the galaxy, Yoda works ceaselessly to bring an end to the Clone Wars. A capable leader on the battlefield and in political negotiations, Yoda is gifted with both extraordinary wisdom and power.

Coruscant Guard: Under the command of Commander Fox, these elite clone troopers guard the security of the planet during the Clone Wars and protect important dignitaries and leaders.

Comments: Yoda is assigned a squad of Coruscant Guard troopers who act as protective escorts when the Jedi Master is on official business for the Republic. The troopers also enforce the law on Coruscant and play an increasingly powerful role when Palpatine declares martial law and further increases his control of the Republic. As Yoda tracks down Separatist collaborators within the capital city, these elite troopers provide him with additional support when scouring the dark underbelly of Coruscant.


  1. i have that set and it's pretty cool but the only bad thing is that there's one rifle

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